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Believe in Better - Stories of Hope #007

Believe in Better - Stories of Hope #007

We've been MIA lately (still recovering from a chaotic August!) but the world has definitely been spinning madly on.

We are not oblivious to the scary stuff happening around the globe these past couple of weeks, but we continue to push forward with our quest to look for all the goodness we can.

This edition of Believe in Better Tuesday is about simple and powerful images that made us pause, think, reflect and laugh.

If there's an image here that resonates with you, be sure to share it and keep the conversation about our planet alive and well!

Nature is not for sale.

Nature is not for sale - comic

via We Are Wildness | Artist: Eneko

Emerging technologies...

Air Dry Laundry Technology

via Editorial & Political Cartoons | Artist: Chris Madden

Wasted good

What if it's all a hoax and create a better world for nothing

via Grist | Artist: Joel Pett

Do it from a place of love

Simple Ways to Love The Earth

via Everyday Sustainable | Artist Sara Zimmerman |


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