Ethos - Radiation Reduction

Ethos is a radiation reduction tool that protects you by redirecting up to 80% of Electricmagnetic field coming from your cell phone. This patented Alara technology pairs with your Pela Case to redirect harmful radiation away from your phone, to reduce radiation, not reception.
(Ethos is recommended to use with a Pela case, not included in this purchase)

Not crazy about cell phone radiation? Us either. The harmful effects of EMF are no joke. The World Health Organization lists symptoms from headaches, anxiety, nausea and even depression. So isn’t it about time we took cell phone radiation seriously?  

That’s why Pela created our own phone radiation blocker. Ethos Protection to help you reduce your exposure. Using patented anti-radiation Alara technology, this EMF phone protection device can reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation and block the radiation by up to 80 percent without disrupting your signal. And with a slim design, Ethos slips right between your phone case and smartphone. You’ll never notice a thing!

Just like all of Pela’s line of sustainable phone cases and accessories, this EMF protection phone case is compostable, too. Made of kraft paper and printed with vegetable-based ink, all you have to do is cut off the silver antenna shielding technology (remember to recycle) and toss the rest in the compost.

Even better? With an unlimited lifespan, you can use Ethos Protection more than once. So long as it’s the same phone model, simply opt out of using the adhesive backing to regularly swap the Ethos insert into another radiation phone case. Voila! 

Each Ethos Protection insert is specifically designed to fit inside a corresponding compostable Pela phone case. While we offer many sizes for various phone models, we’re always adding to the Ethos collection. 

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