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iPhone 14 Pro Case

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322 Products

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Dreaming of a cleaner Earth? At Pela, so are we. When upgrading to a new phone, you probably just throw away your old phone case, but sadly, this often leads to plastic waste, with your old case sitting somewhere in a landfill. An eco-friendly iPhone 14 Pro case is the answer to protect the environment and your phone.

Eco-Friendly iPhone Cases

When switching to a more sustainable iPhone 14 Pro case, it's essential to pay attention to its materials and how to dispose of it when you're ready for the next one. That's why we developed a compostable phone case: to reduce plastic's planetary impact. These cases are made with green materials designed to break down in soil in a matter of weeks, leading to a healthier, happier, and more sustainable Earth.

Thanks to a unique blend of Flaxstic® and plant-based biopolymers, these top-notch phone cases are not only durable, capable of withstanding the impact of accidental drops and preventing fractures and cracks, but can also safely go into the compost without contributing to global pollution. You can even protect its screen with our Canopy liquid glass, maximizing your phone's life.

Our cases also support the use of eco-friendly grips for added security against accidental drops. The Pela Grip also doubles as a stand that adds versatility to the iPhone 14 Pro case, and it won't get in the way of wireless charging.

Remember, this planet is the only one we have. That's why at Pela, we only work with compostable, biodegradable, and sustainable materials for the Earth and its inhabitants. Don't miss our range of vibrantly colored, hand-engraved patterns that will inspire you to take environmental action.