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Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Materials


We believe the responsible use of materials will lead to a waste free future.

By choosing sustainable materials over non-sustainable materials we can make the shift toward a sustainable future and leave this planet better than we found it for future generations.

Inspired by Plants

Balanced. Efficient. Sustainable. Waste free. Beautiful.

We try to mimic nature and align our product’s life cycle as close to a plant’s life cycle as possible by developing our products through our sustainability standards.


We utilize renewable resources as much as possible.

Raw materials partially or completely derived from renewable sources (plants or microorganisms) reduces our dependence on fossil resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Graceful End of Life

Products should go back to the earth in a natural cycle.

Compostable materials return to nature with the help of naturally occurring microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, algae) and break down into CO2, water and biomass. Compostable materials break down in weeks or months, like an apple in the soil.


We believe we can design out waste and pollution.

We give products a second or third life before we give it a graceful end of life. We take responsibility for other companies’ plastic waste, in addition to our own products, through our Pela 360 program. Taking responsibility for our products through their entire life cycle is one of the most sustainable things we can do as a company to shift away from a linear economy, toward a low-carbon emitting, sustainable, regenerative, circular responsible economy.


We test and test and test.

We conduct ongoing additional internal and external testing and compare our materials and products to international standards developed in accordance with internationally recognized principles.

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Believe in Better

Research and Development

We are not ones to sit idle and wait for the next best thing to come along. We continually research, develop and test new materials, products, and design principles to advance the science, push the envelope on what is possible, find or create the next best thing and lead the way in the shift toward sustainability and a waste free future. Our team of Material Engineers and Environmental Scientists relentlessly work with our Sustainability Studio, Internal Testing Equipment and University and Government Partnerships to make things better. It’s who we are and the foundation of our mission as a company.

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