iPhone 14 Case

Discover Our Collection of iPhone 14 Cases

The future is efficient, clean, and green. Your phone case should be, too. Ditch the old plastic model for Pela’s collection of high-quality, compostable iPhone 14 cases. With our beautiful designs across multiple color options, you can protect your phone from everyday wear like scratches, scuffs, and drops while going green.

Pela has a mission to make sustainable products into the new normal. Pela cases are compostable, not biodegradable. They are free of lead, cadmium, BPA, and phthalates. Instead, they are made from plant-based biopolymer and flax shive, the two main ingredients of Pela’s signature material, Flaxstic. This compostable material allows discarded Pela’s cases to completely return to the environment in six months.

Our phone cases aren’t just good for the environment. Our iPhone 14 cases are high-quality, stylized protective casings. They come in a wide variety of designs and color options. Pela cases are also MagSafe-friendly so wireless charging won’t be an issue.

Choosing an iPhone 14 case from Pela doesn’t just stop more plastic from entering the ocean. We also donate to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives to help get rid of the plastic buildup in our planet’s water.

Don’t have an iPhone 14? No worries. We offer cases for a variety of devices. Take a look at Pela’s collection to find the right fit for your device.