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Plastic Free July

Believe in Better Tuesdays - Stories of Hope #001

Believe in Better Tuesdays - Stories of Hope #001

#5minutebeachcleanup#5minutebeachcleanup Carolina Sevilla Costa Rica

photo credit: @darlingoftheorient

Carolina Sevilla's story is making the round on all the viral Facebook pages (see her feature on BrightVibes) She started #5minutebeachcleanup to encourage people to spend 5 minutes cleaning litter and plastic pollution off coastal regions all over the world. People all over the world send in their clean ups and Sevilla features them on Facebook + Instagram to drive this global movement forward.

I love this story because it's so simple and accessible to people all over the world. Seeing the photos are so encouraging and inspiring.

Library of ThingsToronto Library of Things - Sharing Library

photo credit: The Sharing Depot Facebook Page


I live in Toronto (it's me, Sunta, growing Pela from the big city!) and I was so excited to see this story get around my newsfeed. Now I just have to get around to visiting this place! In the tech space, people are always talking about the "sharing economy" which describes businesses like AirBnB, Uber, Lyft, Turo and more. These are business models where people "share" their homes and cars...but what about the little things. 

Every once in a while I need tools but I don't want to buy a whole toolset so I often borrow from my friends. But if your friends don't have those things handy either, enter: The Sharing Depot. They offer tools and much more for exactly this reason with varying tiers of paid memberships.

It's a great idea for those who want to own less stuff and live a more minimalist life style. Check them out here.

Fleet FarmingFleet Farming Front Farms Not Lawns

photo credit: Fleet Farming Facebook Page

When I was growing up, I really took my mom's backyard garden for granted. She grew everything from watermelon, to lettuce to jalapeño to zucchinis and I would begrudgingly help her water them because she had to go to work in the wee hours of the morning. 

And while I hated this as a chore, I always thought her harvest was fresh and delicious and it was always a miracle to watch these things grow. Now as an adult living in a concrete jungle, I'd love to have a yard that could yield fresh produce. 

Then there's Fleet Farming.

"Fleet Farming strives to reduce the environmental impact of food production through a pedal-powered, hyperlocal urban farming model that creates a culture of health and vibrant ecosystems by: teaching an intergenerational fleet of volunteers how to grow their own food, activating and re-engaging the community through biweekly Swarm Rides, and creating a breathe free and biodiverse environment through emissions-free, organic farming."

Whoa. That's a lot of words...and a lot of good. #GrowFoodNotLawns > fleetfarming.org

Galaxy FlowersNight Sky Galaxy Petunias

photo credit: chicory8892 on Reddit

Um, is anyone else's head exploding? No? Just me? 

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll hear me rave all the time about the ocean. And yes, it is my first love. 

But give me a big open night sky with a bazillian stars and I'm the happiest kid on the planet. So when I saw this amazing post on Bored Panda filled with these little petals of wonder, my heart exploded.

Nature is the coolest. No telescope needed for this trip through another universe.


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