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Believe in Better Tuesdays - Stories of Hope #004

Believe in Better Tuesdays - Stories of Hope #004

Bios Urn/ Bios Incube

I don't know a lot of people who *like* to think about death...but when I first saw this idea on Seeker, I was totally up for thinking about my next life as a tree. 

Okay, okay. I know this technology doesn't turn you into a tree per se but it's pretty darn close. Trees are resilient, self-sacrificing (thanks for the oxygen!) and make this world super beautiful. If that's not a poetic way to leave this earth, I don't know what is. 

I'll Take Care of You

Lioness feeds Leopard KittyThe headline reads: For the first time, a wild lioness is photographed nursing a baby leopard. And my heart is bursting!

Apparently this is so rare, it has president of Panthera, Luke Hunter gushing. "It's unprecedented." 

Last week we saw happy wild cats released from captivity and this week we see a lioness in the Serengeti letting that tiny spotted leopard baby have a little interspecies meal time. 

Of course not all happy moments have happy endings -- who knows where this little leopard cub is from and if it's only averted danger for the time being. It's just a nice moment that we can cherish in all its rarity. 

Holding Space

Holding Space

Yes this is a stock image...and it's cheesy and corny but I promise you this topic is neither of these things.

What it means to "hold space for people, plus eight tips on how to do it well was an article written by Heather Plett about her experience with the palliative care nurse when her mother was dying. It's beautifully written and has some really great tips for how we care for each other without judgement and without trying to control the other person. 

I know that we generally focus on topics that impact the environment but I don't know what else impacts our environments more than whether or not we feel safe and our ability to make the people we care about feel safe. Mental wellness and love are not separate from eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. How can we love our planet without loving each other first and foremost. 

That's how I see it anyways. Really worth the read.

On a lighter note...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! While I'm sure someone will point out that this elephant wasn't trying to have the best time sliding down this mud path (necessity versus impromptu slip'n'slide), I will pretend it totally totally is.


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