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Introducing the Pela x Cam Miller Artist Series: Sustainable Phone Case Art

Introducing the Pela x Cam Miller Artist Series: Sustainable Phone Case Art

Hi, I’m Cam Miller! I’m an illustrator and screenprinter based out of the small town of Port Hope, Ontario. When creating a piece, my goal is always to convey a message as boldly as possible through the combination of color, typography, and synthesized characters. This unique approach is now featured in my latest collaboration with Pela for their Artist Series Phone Case Collections.

Artist Cam Miller looks down at the phone in his hands, which is encased in the Pela Honey Miller West phone case he designed. He is wearing a black cap, a black Hooters Angels t-shirt, and a canvas bag over his shoulder. The background is a cloudy sky.

A Creative Journey: From Port Hope to Your Phone

I've been designing for quite some time now, and every piece I create aims to communicate a distinct message. My designs are a blend of vibrant colors, striking typography, and engaging characters. This fusion is especially evident in the new phone case collection with Pela, where each design is crafted to make a bold statement while promoting sustainability.

Favorite Design: The Perfect Beach Vibes of Summer Blues

Much like a parent, I love all of my designs equally… but that’s not always entirely true. Although they all speak to a different message and viewer, I think "Summer Blues" stands out to me the most. The combination of pattern, mosaic, and character frames feels like a perfect balance to live on a phone case. Perfect beach vibes for summer 2024!

 Four phone cases from the Pela x Cam Miller Artist Series Collection are displayed on a colorful, artistic background. The cases feature designs including a retro motel scene, a snake in a cowboy hat, a desert motif with "777" and various illustrations, and a blue abstract pattern with tropical elements.

Conveying Good Vibes Through Art

I’ve always intended for my work to be taken at face value. Although there’s a theme or emotion I hope to convey through my work, these messages vary from piece to piece. If I need to handhold the viewer to the overarching theme of the piece, I look at that as a failure in that work. Overall, I tend to stick to lighter ideas of good vibes, comedy, and storytelling. The world is already a dark enough place, might as well give viewers a break every once in a while!

The Creative Process: From Pen and Paper to Digital Masterpieces

The creative process always starts with an 18x24’’ piece of bond paper and some pens. Getting my initial exploration out with a mind map ensures I’ve explored as many concepts as possible (both good and bad). The inability to erase with pen to paper helps keep all of my ideas from becoming too precious and keeps you moving onto the next. From there, hopefully, I have a good understanding of what’s working to bring onto the computer to line in, color, and give some texture!

Anything vintage has always been a major inspiration for me - be it cartoons, signage, or advertising. There’s a special craftsmanship to the work that juxtaposes solving the question at hand with the most direct and effective execution.

 Pela's Bubblegum Pink Snakebite phone case from the Pela x Cam Miller Artist Series Collection is displayed on a creative workspace. The case features a skull wearing a cowboy hat with a snake and a yellow sun. The background includes sketches and drawings on paper and a tablet, a pencil, and a notebook, indicating the artistic process behind the designs.

Art and Sustainability: A Perfect Match

Art in my opinion has and always will be the most powerful medium for conveying a message. In saying this, I don’t mean specifically visual, but all forms. Art has the ability to contribute to sustainability by taking what could seem to be a daunting or intimidating task and parceling it up into a much more digestible idea. There will always be a place for the facts and data; however, art can help give that nudge to start an individual’s interest in taking action with it.