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Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

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Go green and ditch the plastic waste. Choose a more sustainable Samsung Galaxy S10e phone case for your device today. All of Pela’s phone cases and accessories are totally compostable, leaving no trace or harmful chemicals behind to leak into the earth’s soil or our waterways. With one less plastic phone protector producing microplastics, you can lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Made of Flaxstic® and plant-based biopolymers, Pela phone cases are like no other on the market and completely sustainable. Plus, the rugged yet soft and grippable Samsung S10e phone case protects your Galaxy device from drops and everyday tumbles, keeping it from the landfill for as long as possible.  

While Pela’s S10e phone case is rock solid, a little help goes a long way with our Canopy liquid glass. Choose from a number of classy colors, hues and earth-inspired designs for your Samsung Galaxy S10e case. With a smooth yet soft, grippable texture, you can slip your Samsung Galaxy S10e into a back pocket or have a phone date as you walk to the train station. 

Choose a more sustainable lifestyle and buy your Samsung device a Galaxy S10e case today. Looking for another model? Pela also carries phone cases for the original Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for your particular model.