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Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Case

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Just imagine it: Clean oceans free of microplastics. If you’re anything like Pela, you probably like the sound of that. That’s why we’ve introduced the world’s first truly sustainably produced Samsung Galaxy A42 5G case. Designed of compostable materials such as our patented Flaxstic®, made of flax shrive and plant-based biopolymers, you can rest easy knowing it will break down naturally into the earth, sans chemicals and toxins. Furthermore, our sustainable Samsung A42 5G case is built tough and rugged, designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, keeping your phone crack-free and e-waste out of landfills. 

Find a case color that suits your taste and explore the beautifully designed illustrations of natural elements and playful patterns. Pela phones are built tough, but elevate your device into something you can show off. Plus, our phones are soft to the touch, yet offer a smooth, grippable surface to prevent slipping from desks or even your hand. 

Have something other than a Samsung Galaxy A42 5G phone? Pela also carries sustainably made Samsung phone accessories for the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S21. And don’t forget to take advantage of our Pela 360 program and send your old case (Pela or otherwise) in for recycling or upcycling. Going green never felt this good.