Tie Dye Phone Case

Groovy Tie-Dye Phone Cases

Show your groovy side with a Pela tie-dye phone case. With a variety of vibrant color tones in trippy patterns and shapes, each tie-dye iPhone case offers a bohemian, hippie look. Select a more minimal, softly-hued pastel tie-dye design or a rainbow tie-dye to really go all out. You can even choose a trippy swirl tie-dye design. Because let’s face it: nothing says Earth-loving humans better than a tie-dye phone case

Earth-Friendly, Sustainable Tie-Dye Cases

Like all of Pela Case phones and phone accessories, each tie-dye phone case is created with Pela Case’s trademark Flaxstic material. Designed with a blend of flax shive and bioplastics, each item is completely compostable. While Pela products are made to last, once it wears out, it can simply be tossed into your home compost. From there, it will break down in the soil, free of harmful chemicals and microplastics. 

And by purchasing a compostable tie-dye iPhone case from Pela, you can rest easy. Pela supports the environment, too. We donate to grassroots efforts that strive to make the Earth better for future generations. 

Furthermore, the Pela Case is Climate Neutral Certified, offsetting our entire carbon footprint. So be the proud tie-dye wearing hippie you truly are and be kind to the Earth, too. Support our good green Earth by choosing a compostable tie-dye phone case made by Pela. 

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