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Otterbox Environmental Impact Review

Pela vs. Otterbox

Why People Love Otterbox

One of the oldest and most well-known phone case companies out there, Otterbox was established more than 20 years ago. Otterbox has always focused on one element: toughness. Toughness is what has made Otterbox a success, thrilling customers with incredible strength and protective qualities that keep smartphones safe even in an emergency. Designed to withstand drops, falls, and bumps, Otterbox products are so durable, the company even includes life-time-of-product warranties, certain their cases will outlast the lifespan of the product they protect. 

Otterbox phone cases are made from hard plastic and rubber, designed to protect vulnerable components of a phone like buttons, microphone openings, charging ports, glass screens, etc. Otterbox regularly releases new models of their phone cases designed for new phones or to match the latest phone case trends. Otterbox put phone cases on the map, accruing undeniable success by creating products customers trust and love.

How Sustainable Is Otterbox? 

Smartphones have become a staple in the lives of people around the globe who now rely on their mobile devices to manage their schedules, complete their work, and keep in touch with family and friends. Though smartphones have gone through lots of changes over the past few years, smartphones continue to be made with relatively fragile materials, necessitating the use of a phone case. 

Simply utilizing a phone case can help you drastically cut down on costly repairs, and can help increase the life of your phone. Using a phone case can even help you get a better trade-in price for your phone should you choose to upgrade to the latest model. With the benefits of phone case usage so clear, it is no wonder more than 1 billion phone cases are sold every year to customers looking to protect their valuable electronics. 

Now, there are plenty of choices available to you if you are in the market for a phone case. Phone cases come in virtually every shape, size, design, and price point you can imagine and are available everywhere online and in-stores. If you have been browsing your options and are wondering which case is best, you have probably come across Otterbox. Otterbox is one of the world’s most durable and most popular phone cases, but what if durability isn’t always an advantage?

Otterbox and the Environment

Though we can’t argue with the quality of Otterbox products, Otterbox themselves admits that they are not exactly at the forefront of sustainability. Though they claim to be making strides to discover sustainable material options for their products, Otterbox continues to manufacture plastic phone cases with no deviation from their routine. Durable while protecting your phone, Otterbox phone cases are also durable when they reach the landfill, and can spend centuries slowly turning to microplastics and leaching chemicals into the soil. 

Most people will keep their phone case for a year or two before replacing it, and though Otterbox phone cases are designed to last, they are disposed of just as readily. Quickly accumulating in landfills, phone cases are becoming an increasing environmental problem, especially those that are made purely from plastics. Though Otterbox provides enhanced protection to their customers’ phones, the company doesn’t seem to be invested (yet, at least) in protecting the planet.

Pela vs. Otterbox

At Pela, we are dedicated to changing how the world buys, sells, and disposes of plastic. Unlike brands like Otterbox that rely on conventional plastics to create their products, our phone cases are made entirely from Flaxstic®, a compostable bioplastic free from harmful ingredients like BPA, phthalates, and lead. We strive to make Pela Cases sustainable from the very beginning, never relying on plastics or artificial materials to create our products. 


While phone cases from brands like Otterbox could take centuries to begin to break down, Pela Cases are designed to turn to compost after prolonged exposure to a composting environment. Instead of tossing your old case in the garbage, Pela Cases can easily be composted in your own back yard or at a local composting center. You can toss your Pela in your own composting bin, or check with local composting organizations to find out if they accept bioplastics. 

If properly disposed of, Pela cases can compost in as little as three months, returning renewable resources to the Earth and decluttering your home without needing to send plastic to the landfill. Not able to compost at home or in your area? Send your case to the Pela 360 program and we’ll compost your case for you! As a ‘thank you’ for your dedication to the environment, you’ll get 20% off your next Pela order so you can try all our designs without the guilt of wastefulness or going over budget. 

Ready to make your lifestyle a little greener? Protect your phone with a compostable phone case from Pela and help end plastic pollution.