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The age of the plastic case cover is over. And once you see Pela Case’s lineup of compostable iPhone cases and Android phone cases, we think you’ll agree. 

After all, every Pela phone case is made from compostable materials that break down completely in a standard compost. When you suit up your phone in an iPhone case, Google Pixel case or Samsung phone case from Pela, you’re giving back to the Earth and protecting our ground and waterways from the devastation of plastic waste. Can your plastic phone case say that it’s doing the same?

Our compostable phone cases offer sustainability without compromising functionality and elegance. Pela cases are designed to keep your cell phone safe, with serious drop protection and a pleasantly soft and grippy texture that’s easy to hang on to. That’s part of our philosophy and mission, too — the fewer phones that break, the fewer that become electronic waste. 

It’s time to choose a case you can believe in — one that works for you, your device and our planet. Pela offers a full selection of compostable phone cases for most major smartphone brands, including iPhone cases, Samsung phone cases and Google Pixel phone cases. Click any phone model to explore stylish and practical phone case options for your device.