Plastic Free July
Up to 30% Off Best Sellers

Up to 30% Off Best Sellers

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Plastic Free July

Welcome to Pela Collective

We're making it easier than ever to have a positive impact

You are an eco-evangelist. You spread the word about the importance of protecting our planet.

We want to be along for every step in your eco journey. That's why we've created the Pela collective. 

Collective members will receive 30% off of all of their Pela orders- for life. You'll be able to do free returns and have exclusive early access to all of our new product launches. All for less than the price of a latte!

Collective Exclusives

Now it's easier than ever to protect our planet.

Member Exclusive Pricing

🌿 You'll save 30% on all of our products, for life. You can look forward to some really exciting releases coming soon!

Collective Allowance

🌿 Need to buy some gifts for friends or family to start them on their eco journey? You're all set! You will get $5 per month of in store allowance- that's $60 per year in free money! 🎉

FIRST IN LINE Access to New Products

🌿 You'll have first priority for all of our new products- before they sell out. You'll also get access to exclusive, members-only products. 

Free Return Shipping

🌿 Change your mind about an order? With a Pela Collective membership, we will cover the cost of return shipping. No strings attached. 

Value Propositions

  • Protects & Preserves Our Oceans

    Pela donates a % of every sale to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives. Every case sold = less plastic in the ocean.

  • Inspired by Plants

    Made from Flax shive and a plant based biopolymer create the base for our compostable cases.

  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

    Enjoy free shipping worldwide, fast and secure checkout, and hassle-free exchange and returns.


Why do we have a membership?

We noticed most of our customers buy 3-5 items from us in each year. This is a way to give our best customers better pricing as a thank-you for being so loyal to Pela while we work hard to make products that are better for the planet.

What’s the Benefit of Early Access?

Over the past few months, we’ve released some new products (slim cases, a new turtle design, Apple Watch bands) and the demand has been so overwhelming that they’ve sold out in just days. We want to make sure that our most loyal customers are skipping to the front of the line so that they’re guaranteed access to future releases.

What does Pela get out of this?

To answer that, we first need to share some information with you.

#1 - There are 3.5 billion mobile phone users on the planet. Pela has so far only managed to convert ~600,000 of those to using more sustainable products. So we still have a LONG way to go.

#2 - Most of the phone accessory market is controlled by multi-billion dollar mega corporations that have a great financial incentive to NOT change to a more environmentally-sustainable way of doing business... They want to make sure that more people don’t make the switch to Pela products!

These 2 facts lead us to what we get out of this…

It helps us to know which products to make, and when, so that we can keep all of your favourite products in stock as much as humanly possible. It helps to create a virtuous circle where Pela helps its customers, and our customers help us, and we all help the planet.

We spend a lot of time and effort on research and development here at Pela. It can be very expensive for us to invent and release brand-new, sustainable products. Remember those mega corporations with billions of dollars...that’s who we are trying to fight.

The Collective is a totally different way for Pela to support our community and for our community to support our efforts to bring more innovative products to the world. Let’s all work together as we all try to create a waste free future.

More questions about Pela Collective?