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Plastic Free July

Tips & Templates for Stitching Stitch Cases

Tips & Tricks:

  • Remember spacing of these might be a little different than you are used to with canvas, cross stitch fabric or linen.
  • To undo a stitch take off the needle and pull it out, do not try stitching it back out.
  • Keep your thread end trimmed to make sure it is not fraying.
  • You might need to use a little more force stitching as it is harder material.
  • Use double knots, and try to not have too many knots close together.
  • Once stitched, try to keep the design facing up when the case is on so that you show it off and protect the thread!


  • If you are splitting threads, take the spare strands wrap it around a card or thread bobbin. You can use it for mending clothes or other projects!
  • Use wooden bobbins, reuse old bobbins or even little bottles to wrap thread instead of buying new plastic ones! Remember some thrift stores have amazing finds for thread and craft storage and organization!
  • Download patterns instead of buying or printing them! Also getting creative with your own is always extraordinary!
  • Quality rather than quantity! Often more natural threads, fibres and materials will be a bit more expensive, but they are often more natural and sustainable! They last longer and look way better! 
  • Caring is sharing! If you have stitch friends remember they might have the thread or supplies you need for a project! 
  • Cut what you need, well less than you think! Simple but effective! We know that you can sometimes guesstimate the thread you need, always err on the side of less so that you have less leftover!
  • Remember you are creating something, it is artistry and should be shared! You can use it to convey a message or show your love. Handmade gifts and crafts often are more sustainable and thoughtful gifts to give!