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10 Facts about Penguins

10 Facts about Penguins

Penguins are a beloved creature known for their slightly awkward waddle, their formal attire, and of course for how well they dance. 

Don't believe me? Just watch Mary Poppins or Happy Feet. 

They also happen to be my favorite animal. I thought it'd only be appropriate to share 10 interesting penguin facts to celebrate the launch of our Penguin case

1. There are 17 species of penguins and they're all found in the southern hemisphere. Some are cold water penguins and others enjoy lounging on the beach. 

2. Penguins are kinda dinosaurs. Penguin fossils have been found from 60 million years ago placing their ancestors back in the time of the dinos. So, if it's the end of the world having a penguin on your team could totally help you survive the apocalypse. 

3. The first published account of penguins is due to one Antonio Pigafetta. He was aboard Magellan's ship while he was circumnavigating the globe in 1520. They spotted the penguins in, what we know today as, Argentina. He called them "strange geese." 

4. Penguins mate for life and often return to the same nest where they were raised as chicks to raise their young. 

5. Penguin parents, both the males and females, will care for the young bird for several months until they're strong enough to go hunting. 

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6. You can't tell the gender of a penguin unless your perform a blood test. 

7. A penguins classic tuxedo look is perfect camouflage. From the sky their black backs blend in to the waves. From the sea their white bellies blend in the with bright light. 

8. Penguins, unlike most birds, molt all at once and it's called a catastrophic molt.

9. 5 of the 17 penguin species are on the endangered list. Some of the main ways you can help out these adorable creatures is reducing how much plastic you consume. Plastic is a major threat so is over fishing and climate change. 

If you love penguins as much as me see if you can donate to WWF or Oceana. 

10. It's not all cute and cuddly. This pretty hysterical article from the BBC shows that penguins are way more like a soap opera than you could ever imagine. From penguins cheating on each other, kidnapping baby chicks, and even some female penguins prostituting themselves out for more pebbles to build their nests. 

Which honestly, makes me love them even more. And, I definitely want an Animal Planet penguin soap opera to watch. 

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