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5 Simple Swaps for an Eco Friendly Easter

5 Simple Swaps for an Eco Friendly Easter

Easter is right around the corner. If you have already started shopping for your Easter baskets, I bow to your organizational skills. If the time has gotten away from you, and you're looking for some ideas - you're in the right place!

Eco-friendly easter basket ideas from

1. The Basket:

Instead of buying a pre-made Easter basket at the grocery store, opt for a nice basket you can use year after year. There's always a nice selection of baskets at the thrift store.

Don't be afraid to think outside of the basket. I think a bright hat box would be would be absolutely darling plus it can double for storage when it's not Easter. 

2. The Easter Grass:

Instead of plastic green grass, opt for shredded paper. You can use the same shredded paper year after year or you can compost it. 

You cannot recycle shredded paper, but it's a great edition to your backyard compost. 

3. Non-Candy Gift Ideas:

  • books
  • gift cards to their favorite restaurant
  • gift card to download music or games from the app store
  • coloring book
  • homemade lip balm
  • side walk chalk
  • spring colored Pela case

Here are a couple of non-candy treat ideas. You can't go wrong with homemade beauty products like bath salts or lip balm. Gift cards are always a winner. My mom always included gift cards and socks in my Easter baskets. Of course, I think our bright colored phone cases would be a darling edition. 

Eco-friendly easter basket ideas from

5 ideas for an eco friendly easter from

4. Eggs and Egg Fillers:

If you have plastic eggs, use them as long as you can. If you're shopping for new eggs, they make fillable wooden eggs. You can paint them if you want or keep them plain. They will last a really long time so you can pass them down year after year. If they break, you can always use them as kindling in a fire. 

If you're using real eggs, opt for natural dyeing. You can use food scraps or silk scarves and ties. There's always a great selection of silk scarves and ties at the thrift store, and you can pick them up cheap. 

5. Easter Candy:

Candy is my favorite Easter present! Here are a few ways to keep it eco-friendly. 

  • Buy fair-trade chocolate
  • Head to your local chocolatier or candy shop
  • Buy candy from bulk bins without packaging
  • Candy wrapped in aluminum foil (Ball up the aluminum foil till the diameter is just 2" big and recycle it.) 
  • Bars of chocolate wrapped in paper and aluminum foil Compost or recycle the paper and recycle the foil. 

I would love to hear your ideas for your an eco-friendly Easter. Tweet them at us @pelacase.