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5 Things Conscious Consumers Do that You Don't

5 Things Conscious Consumers Do that You Don't

Looking for easy ways to be a conscious consumer? Well look no further! 

Here are the five secret tactics conscious consumers use when they shop. 

5 things conscious consumers do that you don't! from

they make a list:

Conscious consumers don't shop without a list, and they don't make that list on the fly. This list is very well thought out and edited. A lot of the items have probably been on there for months. 

They keep track of the different things that they want so when the right time to buy/the right product comes along they're ready. 

Which leads me into the next tip. 

they wait:

As a conscious consumer, I don't buy anything without waiting thirty days. Marketers rely on impulse buys because many marketing tactics rely on feelings and desire rather than practicality. 

Once you put enough time between you and the emotions you're able to make a rational choice on whether or not that item would work well with your lifestyle.

There are only a few items that I've regretted not buying the moment. Most of my regret purchases are ones from in the moment. 

One of the things, I've realized is often times the product I'm looking for will make it's way to me via a friend or family member who might not want it anymore - if I just have enough patience to wait. 

they compare:

When you have a list and you're waiting, you have a lot more time to compare. You can compare the different models, different price points, and even shop the second hand market to make sure that you're getting the best product. 

5 things conscious consumers do that you don't! from

they examine:

Conscious consumers know that quality trumps all! It is often much cheaper in the long run to invest in a quality item that will last forever than a cheaper items you have to keep replacing.

The conscious consumer examines the products for longevity and repairability. Look for warranties, read reviews, see how the manufacturer responds to issues. 

Issues will happen with even the most reliable of products, what matters is how the manufacturer deals with them. 

they wait some more: 

Even after going through all of these stages to find the best, perfect item - they wait some more. Sometimes they wait years for the perfect product to come along, but when it's there, it's there for life!