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Plastic Free July

5 Tips for Becoming Politically Active

5 Tips for Becoming Politically Active

Today is the day! It's World Ocean's Day and the G7 Summit is kicking off right in our backyard, Toronto. 

We've been working on a series called the perfect storm leading up to this moment.

5 tips on becoming more politically active from pelacase.com

The perfect storm is when all of the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. For us, this is individual action, group action, businesses, and policy. 

We've covered everything except for policy.

After all, this one is pretty tricky. How can you create change, when you're not in charge? 

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas, so you can affect change at this level.

1. Vote!

Voting seems like one really small thing, but it's huge! And, you should be voting in more than just the "big" elections. All elections are big! Vote for your school board, city council, land commissioners, state senators, etc.

No election is too small. It's time for you to literally cast your ballot for what you stand for. Examine the candidates. Read their propositions. Be involved. 

2. Call, Write, Fax:

Whether or not your candidate made it into office, you need to be in touch with them. Call them, write them, fax them. Be in constant communication letting them know your needs, wants, and desires. 

You are their boss! You get to call the shots so let them know what you want. 

3. Make a visit:

Visit their office. Make an appointment to sit down with them and talk about your goals. If you want to see plastic taxed or ban, sit down with them and see what type of progress you could make with a bill. 

5 tips on becoming more politically active from pelacase.com

4. Volunteer:

If there's a candidate you really like, volunteer for them! Talk to friends and family. 

Sign up to canvas or phone bank. I've done both of those things! While it's not the most fun thing in the entire world, it is a lot of fun collectively working towards a cause that you believe in. 

5. Run:

Don't see a candidate you love!? RUN. 

Go for it! We need more people running campaigns. Plug in with your local party association and see what type of help they can offer you.