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6 Ways to Shellebrate World Turtle Day

6 Ways to Shellebrate World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day is just around the corner. Here at Pela HQ, we love turtles.

I'd have to say it's the most popular favorite animal among staff which means two things. 

  1. We are definitely SHELLebrating World Turtle Day, and you should too!
  2. We're going to be sharing lots of photos of adorable turtles. You're welcome.

6 ways to shellebrate world turtle day!

I'm still trying to convince everyone that we need a turtle shaped cake for World Turtle Day. I mean, what's a shellebration without cake? 

What is World Turtle Day, you ask?

Only the second best day of the year.

World Turtle Day was started in 2000 by the American Tortoise Rescue. It's simply a day to celebrate and educate the public about turtles and tortoises while encouraging others to take action to help them thrive! 

World Turtle Day is May 23, and it's coming up next Wednesday. 

All sea turtles are endangered, and more than half of fresh water turtles tortoises are endangered too. 

These cute little creatures are threatened by our actions whether it's plastic in the ocean, rising temps, or traders. 

6 ways to shellebrate world turtle day!

According to the American Tortoise Rescue, here are a few ways you can help out turtles! 

1. Don't buy turtles or tortoises from pet shops.

2. Don't buy an turtles that are less than four inches in length - this is illegal in the U.S! 

3. Report the illegal sales of turtles to your local animal shelter

4. Don't take turtles or tortoises from the wild unless they're sick or injured.

5. Write to your legislators! Ask them to create habitats and preserved/sanctuary spaces. 

6. If a tortoise is crossing the road, carry it to the side of the direction it was going! If you put it back the direction it was coming from, it will try to cross the road again. 


And, because I know you've because I know you've been waiting for it... here are some adorable photos of turtles. 

6 ways to shellebrate world turtle day!