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Be Part of a Movement

Be Part of a Movement

Pela’s  Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to keep 1 BILLION pounds of plastic from ever being made. So far, we have saved over 500,000 pounds of plastic by creating Everyday Products Without Everyday Waste. We are continuously building our impact through various initiatives, such as charitable partnerships and extending our waste-free offerings. Have you checked out our community brands and products, like the recently-released  Lomi Composter?

At Pela, we want to give you the tools to create change yourself by highlighting some amazing environmental campaigns that you can help support. Real activism can be as simple as signing a petition and raising awareness on social media. We have curated a list of petitions you can sign to show your support and be part of positive change.

  1. Ghost Gear

Organization | World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

About Campaign | WWF needs support in stopping abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear, known as ghost gear from entering our oceans. This type of waste are silent predators that trap and drown marine wildlife and endanger navigation and fisher economies. According to WWF, “globally, 66% of marine mammals, 50 % of seabirds, and all sea turtle species have been impacted by marine debris.”

Sign the petition here. 

  1. Climate Change

Organization |The Nature Conservancy

About Campaign | Nature Conservancy and other environmental leaders are raising awareness and demanding action from the U.S Government to address climate change. They are looking for you to pledge your support and join their public outcry.

Sign the petition here


  1. Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act

Organization | Break Free From Plastic (BFFP)

About Campaign| This campaign is unique because BFFP is asking for support from businesses, community groups, and non-profit organizations from around the world to show support for their plastic pollution act. This act provides practical solutions to systemically address the plastic pollution crisis by targeting single-use plastics. 

If you are a leader in a community group, business or non-profit take a look at this campaign

  1. Voice for the Planet

Organization | Earth Hour

About Campaign| Earth Hour is rallying people worldwide to use their voices to show support for nature. They see 2021 as a crucial point in the fight for climate change and the goal is for an InternationalCommitment from world leaders to develop a deal for Nature and People.

Add your voice here.

  1. Farmers’ Protest

Organization | Kisan Ekta 

About Campaign| Large corporations are exploiting small family farms in India. Stricter and unfair laws are being established which benefit the large corporations at the expense of these farmers.

You can show your support for the marginalized farmers here.


If you are looking for more causes to support, has global and local campaigns you can get behind. Also, check out @impact and @intersectionalenvironmentalist  on Instagram to learn more about environmental and social activism. For the Top 5 Things in Sustainability delivered to your inbox weekly, subscribe to Sustainability Saturday.