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15 Best Phone Case Brands (2022) + How to Choose

People in a circle looking at their phones

Every person is unique—just like their phone case. Although mobile phones have been around for years, it wasn't until the introduction of Apple's iPhone way back in 2007 that we suddenly sat up and turned our attention towards phone case brands.

After touch screens hit the market, the best phone case brands floated to the surface as time passed. These top tech companies continue to refine their case materials based on your everyday needs and fantasies. Now, it's not unreasonable to expect your phone case to be fully compostable or for it to survive an unexpected drop from a 3-story building. Whatever type of mobile case you're after, you'll discover all of the best brands for phone cases right here.

Ready for the big reveal? Use the following links to skip ahead to the section that interests you the most.

In the next section, you’ll discover five brands that we think stand out amongst the crowd.

Our recommendations for the 5 top phone case brands

A woman holding up three phone cases

Image credit: Pela

If you’d rather take the wheel and do your own brand investigation, we’ve compiled a short list of the top phone case brands targeted to a handful of your specific needs. Use the following list to determine which one is right for you. 

  1. Best eco-friendly phone case brand: Pela Case
  2. Best protective phone case brand: Otterbox
  3. Best outdoor enthusiast phone case brand: Mous
  4. Best drop protection phone case brand: Urban Armour Gear
  5. Best waterproof phone case brand: LifeProof

Keep reading to see all of the phone case brands that made it into our top 15. Whether you’re buying a drop-proof case for slippery fingers or a compostable phone case for an eco-friendly mom, this complete list has a little something for everyone. 


Pela Case

Pela Case


48,000+ 5 star reviews | The internet's most loved case

Protect your phone and the planet with the world's first compostable phone case. Pela Cases offer a serious drop protection without compromising on style. Over 857,205 people have switched to Pela. What are you waiting for?


The 15 best brands for phone cases

Whether you’re searching for a high tech, fashion tech, or green tech company, we've created a list of the top 15 phone case brands that you deserve to know about. Keep reading to discover more about each brand and a few of their most note-worthy highlights.

1. Pela

A woman holding up a phone case

Pela is redesigning everyday products to create a waste-free planet. So, once this eco-friendly company discovered that over a billion phone cases are created every single year, they devised the ultimate sustainable solution: a compostable phone case. That’s right, your Pela phone case will break down into compostable soil within 6 months, leaving no harmful chemicals or residues behind. Can’t wait 6 months? No problem. Pela took it a step further and created the electric kitchen composter, Lomi. In less than 4 hours, Lomi will break down your organic food waste (and your Pela case!) into nutrient-rich dirt that you can use to nourish your garden. 

Price range: Medium-High

Why we love this brand: We love Pela’s mission to create everyday products that don’t contribute to the world’s growing landfill waste. Their goal is to eliminate 1 billion pounds of plastic by 2028 with the help of community partners and everyday people like you! Pela is also climate neutral certified and a certified B corporation.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Pela makes the best phone cases that feature up to 45% plant-based materials in their design. The brand’s signature Flaxstic cases are truly sustainable yet, oh so stylish and silky-smooth to the touch. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice on durability since Pela’s compostable cases can easily withstand accidental phone drops and scratches. Don’t believe us? Check out this video for the results of a 20 foot drop test.

Check out Pela's compostable phone accessories.

2. Urban Armor Gear

Urban armor case on rocks and leaves

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) cares about offering you the best military grade protection that a phone cover has to offer. They make some of the best phone cases for tradespeople, construction workers, and anyone looking for a rugged phone case with military grade protection. From skateboarders to snowboarders, UAG covers protect your cell phone from any fall south of 16 ft. from the ground.

Price range: Medium

Why we love this brand: We love that Urban Armor Gear uses recyclable packaging to ship their products to your door. Their phone cases are also recyclable but most of their products have a 10-year warranty so, you won’t need to buy a replacement any time soon. 

Why we recommend their phone cases: Urban Armor Gear makes the best phone covers for drop protection. Their prices are also more approachable than other phone case brands that boast a similar amount of durability.



3. Otterbox

Otterbox protective phone case

Although Otterbox was established in 1998, this company continues to push quality phone construction to its limits. Otterbox cases could be dropped in the middle of a road, run over by a car and still be in full working order afterwards. 

Price range: Medium-High

Why we love this brand: When it comes to your phone protection, this reputable brand always tops the list. If you are eco-conscious, they even make some of the Otterbox cases with 50% recycled materials.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Otterbox makes the best protective phone cases for people who need a dependable and durable phone case. Otterbox phone cases also feature antimicrobial treatment options, MagSafe charging, scratch protection and non-slip polycarbonate shells.

4. Mous

Four Mous cases lined up next to one another

Back in 2014, the founders of Mous saw an opportunity to create a phone case that felt “just-right”. They understood that drop-proof mobile cases were too bulky to be functional and thin cases were too flimsy to absorb the shock of a blunt fall. These challenges led Mous to the creation of their proprietary AiroShock™ technology. 

Price range: Medium-High

Why we love this brand: They create phone cases that are ROHS & REACH certified. This means that the use of hazardous chemicals is restricted during product construction. We also love their line of Limitless magnetic cases featuring natural materials such as walnut, bamboo, and leather.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Mous creates sturdy and sleek phone cases that will be a welcomed companion to any outdoor enthusiast. They also create ultra-durable phone mounts for bikers, cyclists and motorcyclists and content creators.



5. LifeProof

Man holding popular lifeproof case

LifeProof aims to push the boundaries of what a phone case can offer to outdoor adventurers. With this vision in mind, they decided to start small and create a line of drop-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and waterproof cases. Even with all of that under their belt, LifeProof continues to dream up new unique features for their tough covers.

Price range: High

Why we love this brand: LifeProof continues to introduce exciting new materials for their sturdy smartphone cases, such as antimicrobial coatings and recycled plastics. We especially love their range of WĀKE Lifeproof cases that are made using 85% ocean-based recycled plastics.

Why we recommend their phone cases: LifeProof makes the best waterproof case for snorkelers, surfers, kayakers, swimmers, beach go-ers and anyone who enjoys scrolling in the bathtub.

Check out the top 24 eco-friendly phone cases here

6. Tech21

Three watercolor designed tech 21 phones

Tech21 heard the popular axiom “form follows functions” and created a phone case that could withstand a 10 ft. drop. Once they achieved this with their FlexShock ™ technology, they set out to become one of the best phone protectors with original style.

Price range: Medium

Why we love this brand: Tech21 knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to picking out a design for your phone cover. They’re also constructing new case designs that are biodegradable and made from recycled materials.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Tech21 cases are shock resistant and feature dozens of colors and patterns to choose from. These creative phone case designs are a breath of original design and high-quality construction.


7. Smartish

Smartish wallet slayer vol 2 wallet card case for iPhone 13 pro

Although it’s getting easier to pay for things with a tap of your mobile device or watch, there are still a few valuable cards that you need to keep with you on the go. With this in mind, Smartish created the best wallet case to keep your photo ID or your precious coffee loyalty card.

Price range: Low-Medium

Why we love this brand: Smartish is on a mission to make your life easier by creating clever products with dual functionality. In addition to giving you an all-in-one wallet solution for your phone case, Smartish partners with the Austin Humane Society to help rescue homeless animals.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Smartish wallet cases are perfect for people who want a simple solution for carrying wallet cards along with their mobile devices. With a Smartish cover, you can also create a sturdy pyramid shape using just a credit card and your phone. Perfect for Netflixing on the go.


8. Speck

Speck teal presido 2 grip phone case

Speck’s goal is to bridge the gap between tech devices and our humanity. So, if you’ve ever dropped your phone on the bathroom floor while texting, Speck has a soft spot for you. That’s why Speck designs smartphone cases that you can show off and hold onto at the same time.

Price range: Medium

Why we love this brand: Speck pushes for empathetic product design and partners with local charities who are dedicated to humanitarian causes. The Speck website itself also features an Accessible360 certification, ensuring that their digital products are accessible to users of all types.  

Why we recommend their phone cases: Speck cases feature a non-slip grip construction and are both fall-safe and MagSafe. If you do happen to drop your phone- no worries! Their rugged cases include 13-ft drop protection and a Microban® shield to stop pesky bacteria from growing on your cover.


9. Moshi

Vegan leather Moshi cases with wallet attachment

Moshi creates high-quality smartphone cases that exude craftsmanship and attention to detail. The company sees the pitfalls of excessive consumerism and wants people to invest in long-term, quality phone case options that will last for the long-haul. 

Price range: Medium-High

Why we love this brand: Moshi delivers beautiful smartphone cases that are made with BPA and phthalate-free materials. The brand also offers vegan leather covers and a 10-year global warranty on all of their products.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Moshi uses clean, minimalist construction to create some of the best phone covers on the market. Moshi also devised a clever way to keep your credit cards safe. They developed a line of SnapTo™ slim wallets that magnetically attach to their SnapTo™ hybrid cases. 

10. Loopy

Two thumbs inserted into loopy cases

Loopy gets its name from their patented, interchangeable and adjustable super loops. One tear-resistant super loop is attached to the back of each of their phone cases. The result? You will never again have an excuse for dropping your phone in the middle of a failed selfie. 

Price range: Medium

Why we love this brand: Loopy is one of the best phone case brands for runners and individuals who are constantly on the go. They’re also great for anyone who always ends up carrying too many things at once.

Why we recommend their phone cases:  These rugged cases were drop tested from a height of 6-feet and have a crack resistant shell, you won’t have to worry about slowing down any time soon with this phone case in hand. Plus, their durable super loop allows you to safely carry your phone using only one finger. Freeing up your other nine fingers for keys, wallets, bags, children and puppies.

11. Bandolier

Woman wearing bandolier vegan cell phone case

Based out of Los Angeles, Bandolier formed their luxury phone accessory brand to disrupt the world of high tech with high fashion. Although Bandolier may stock the most expensive phone cases on this list, their patented crossbody strap transforms your cell phone into a sleek carry-on item. 

Price range: High

Why we love this brand: Bandolier is one of the best phone case brands for travelers and chic city-goers who appreciate luxurious, functional, and stylish case design. 

Why we recommend their phone cases: Their mobile case straps are both utilitarian yet complimentary to any concert attire or evening gown you might throw on before riding into town. The only downside of Bandolier is that this brand's cases are only for Apple devices.

12. Spigen

Example of Enzo from spigen

From day one, Spigen (pronounced spee'gan) set out to create a sensible phone case that would fit their customers’ needs. Spigen, a name inspired by the German words, "spiegel" (mirror) and "gen" (gene), knew that technology would continue to advance and along with it, so would the expectations of their customers. So, after 15 years and 550 prototypes, you can trust that Spigen cases will protect your phone like a mother bear.

Price range: Medium-High

Why we love this brand: Spigen creates ultra slim phone covers that will withstand the tough times. We especially love their range of Enzo cases, featuring a Genoma™ Italian leather that’s  produced chemical-free with the help of natural vegetable tanning.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Spigen cases are constantly being put to the test, which means you’ll have an exhaustive range of protective cases to choose from. Their rugged cases feature multi-layer design, strong polycarbonate, and carbon fibers. 


13. KaseMe

a family on a swing smiling with KaseMe

If you’ve ever wanted to see llamas, hot dogs, peaches or a photo of your favorite beach on the back of your phone, then KaseMe is perfect for you. KaseMe supplies dozens of colorful patterns and designs for their tough or slim phone covers. For only a few dollars more, KaseMe offers a dedicated “Create Yours” tool that walks you through the process of designing your own phone case.

Price range: Medium

Why we love this brand: We love KaseMe’s customizable phone cases and the work they do to support the One Tree Planted foundation. During checkout, you can opt in to donate a few extra dollars towards planting trees.

Why we recommend their phone cases: In just a few clicks, you can adorn your KaseMe phone cover with a picture of your dog in a tutu, your favorite spot to watch the squirrels or a drawing of your beloved monstera plant.

14. Nomad

nomad leather phone case covering iphone with ocean background

Nomad started their journey into the world of protective cases with a minimalist, ultra-portable phone charger. From there, their mission grew to build high-quality accessories for the 21st century nomad. Currently, Nomad specifically makes iPhone cases, but if you own an Android, this sleek case design may get you to consider switching over. 

Price range: Medium

Why we love this brand: Nomad is the great brand for anyone searching for a slim and well-constructed leather phone case that will age well over time.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Their rugged cases have 6-10 ft drop protection, raised TPE bumpers for your phone's screen, internal shock bumpers, and are compatible with both MagSafe and wireless charging. To top it off, they source high-quality Horween leather for many of their products.

15. Ringke

Ringke Fusion X phone case for Galaxy S22 phone

Ringke cases were created to compliment the original design of your phone's construction. They specialize in shock-resistant, rugged cases that are also transparent, allowing you to show off the natural exterior of your phone.

Price range: Low

Why we love this brand: Ringke creates covers for a wide-variety of smartphone models. Even models that are more than two years old. So, if you have an older device that’s still in good working condition, don’t throw it out! You’ll likely find a suitable case for it on Ringke’s website.

Why we recommend their phone cases: Ringke cases are a great option for people who want an affordable, transparent phone case that is durable and easy to grip.



6 things to consider when shopping for a phone case

Shopping on computer

Now that we’ve had a look at all of the best phone case brands, here are 6 key considerations to keep in mind while you’re shopping for the mobile case that works best for you.

  1. How much the phone case will cost you: Remember that you’re paying to protect your phone. If you settle on a phone cover around the $10 mark, it may be a smaller upfront cost but it could cost you the price of your phone if it shatters the first time you drop it. Even $20-$30 will offer a little more durability.
  1. How often you upgrade your phone: If you gotta have the latest mobile phone camera or the extra battery life that comes with a new device, look into Pela’s compostable phone cases.  Choosing a more sustainable phone case will allow you to stay on top of the latest upgrades without creating additional environmental waste.
  1. The type of phone case: If you expect to slip your phone into your pants’ pocket, a slimline case will be your best friend. If you leave your phone sitting in high-traffic outdoor areas or on a construction site, you may prefer a rugged/armor case to protect against high impact.
  1. Features that make your life easier: Wallet cases may be the perfect solution for you if you’d rather not carry more than one thing at a time. Or, you might prefer a brand that offers MagSafe or wireless phone charging to make your day-to-day life more convenient. 
  1. The brand’s values: More and more brands are starting to give back to the community or environment around them. If you can’t decide between three brands that all offer 6ft drop protection, you may want to dig deeper into their ethos and how they’re using their brand for good. 
  1. Materials used in construction: It’s actually surprising how many different types of materials phone cases are made out of. From leather and walnut to polycarbonate and carbon, you’ll have to decide between natural fibers and plastic-based designs. Some brands are now developing cases that are BPA-free or REACH certified. 

Which brand is right for you?

A hand holding up three phone cases

Image credit: Pela

We’ve looked at all the best phone case brands and what to look for in your next phone case. All that’s left is for you to decide which one is right for you! Maybe the best brand for you is the one that has a case to withstand any drops into your bubble bath. Or, maybe it’s a brand with an ethos that you can identify with and support.

It's a tough decision but ultimately it comes down! The best brand will tick all of your boxes and align with your core values. Whatever brand you choose, we know it'll be worthy of your cell phone.

Do compostable cases still sound too good to be true? Learn more about Pela's sustainable strategy here.


Written by: Anna Buck