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smartphone with a cracked screen

Do Liquid Screen Protectors Work?

smartphone with a cracked screen

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You’ve already come across all types of phone cases, from hard plastic styles to tempered glass. But have you heard of the latest liquid screen protector, Pela’s personal favorite? Instead of a removable screen, liquid glass essentially embeds itself, creating a slim, almost undetectable protective layer. Our liquid glass is also made of eco-friendly materials, which reduces plastic waste. 

But do liquid screen protectors work? Pela Case explains what makes up liquid glass, how it is applied and the many advantages over standard plastic covers and tempered glass screens. 

What Is Liquid Glass?

The shattered glass on your phone’s screen didn’t happen entirely out of the blue. It happened over time. While the screen might’ve seemed to shatter from a single drop, it was actually the already-existing, surface-level flaws in the glass that are the true catalyst and culprit. 

zero waste liquid screen protector

Where a tempered glass shield can absorb the contact as your phone hits the pavement, the liquid glass acts to maintain your phone’s surface and prevent microscopic, crack-causing imperfections and flaws from starting in the first place. 

That’s how liquid glass saves the day! The next time your phone hits the pavement, it’s protected six times over by strengthening the original glass material that already arrives on your phone.  

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Liquid Screen Protector vs. Tempered Glass

Not sure whether to protect your Samsung or Apple smartphone with liquid or tempered glass? Here are some of the pros and cons of using a liquid screen protector vs. tempered glass. 

Ease of Application

Tempered glass protectors seem like less of a hassle than liquid. But despite the liquid screen protector’s reputation for being messy, this isn’t always the case. 

We can’t speak for other brands, but Pela’s Canopy liquid screen protector is super easy to apply! Simply clean the phone’s screen with a microfiber cloth and then, using the same cloth, pour one-third of the vial’s liquid onto it and rub it into the screen. After waiting two minutes for the liquid to dry, use the dry side of the cloth and wipe away any remaining liquid. And voila! Your screen is protected. 

However, it’s worth noting that liquid screen protectors cannot be used on pre-existing cracks or refurbished screens. 

Strength and Hardness Level 

When it comes to protection, a tempered glass protector has been the go-to. Considered by many to be the toughest phone accessory to prevent cracking and scratched screens, Pela Case begs to differ. Our liquid glass protector is equally as strong, coming in at a 9H hardness on the Moh scale. In addition, liquid glass offers a 0.5 mm thin layer that is barely noticeable, too. 

Screen Responsiveness

With a super-thin layer, liquid glass is just as responsive to your finger’s touch as a tempered glass screen. A screen with a smooth liquid glass protector feels each tap and glide of your fingertip. On top of that, liquid screen protectors will even improve the phone’s screen, filling in microscopic gaps and irregularities caused by everyday wear and tear. Not only is the screen responsive to the slightest touch, but it is also oleophobic, protecting against finger smudges. 

liquid screen protector

So, Does Liquid Glass Work?

Yes, liquid glass really works! It’s not snake oil or some hoax. But don’t just get any liquid glass screen protector. Instead, choose to go green with Pela’s innovative Canopy liquid glass, an eco-friendly screen protector. Stored in a reusable glass vial and cork, there’s enough liquid glass to cover and protect at least three phones. Of course, you can also cover Apple Watch glass, tablets and camera lenses, too!

However, please do keep in mind that Canopy is still a liquid substance and shouldn’t be applied to non-waterproof or non-water resistant devices. 

Ready to give liquid screen protectors a whirl? Learn how to remove a screen protector so you can replace it with Pela’s Canopy liquid glass. Remember to reapply Canopy every 12 months to preserve the life of your screen. 

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