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Eau de Nature: 6 Outdoor Scents That Make Us Happy

Eau de Nature: 6 Outdoor Scents That Make Us Happy


We all know that our sense of smell is closely linked to our memory and our emotions. For some people, the smell of baked goods can take them back to Sundays at grandma's or transport them to a small cafe they visited once on a trip to Paris.

Smell is such a powerful sense and for us here at Pela, it’s the smells of nature that are constantly turning up fond memories and inspiring us on our eco-friendly mission. These are just a few of our favourite scents made by nature.

  1. Camp/Bonfire

If you’ve ever sat around a bonfire with friends on a summer night before, then you know what we’re talking about. Sure the smell gets into your clothes and your hair and the smoke might chase you in circles threatening to wreak havoc on your eyes... but boy do we love that smell.

That campfire smell always takes us back to the woods or to the beach; to that place where we can all share a laugh, a sing-a-long and the company of good people.

Want that campfire smell without the campfire - try this eco-friendly candle by Citchen Candle Co.

  1. Pine Trees

Most people relate the smell of pine to fresh cut Christmas trees and the beautiful memories that come along with that time of year. But for us, the smell of pine means a walk in the woods, finding new trails and the pure joy of being outside. Wandering aimlessly in a world constantly asking us to get somewhere and be productive is like our version of a tiny rebellion.

Big Sur Trail Soap by Juniper Ridge is like taking a hike through the your shower. It's incredible.

  1. Warm Rainy Days

Playing in the rain

Sure, rain can ruin your summer plans pretty quickly and cause some sour moods. But, if you’re anything like us, you can appreciate that rain is what makes lush green landscapes and can bring down scorching hot temperatures. On a warm rainy day, there is a beautiful smell in the air (in our opinion) that we can only describe as rejuvenating. So grab that umbrella and unleash the puddle-splashing child within :)

A list of 6 Eco-Friendly Umbrellas from

  1. Salty Ocean Air

Is there anything more powerful than being by the ocean? The scent of salt and seaweed mixed with sounds of crashing waves and the wind sailing over your body—it’s like nature’s own Broadway play you can’t help but become fully immersed in. Just a whiff of that ocean air and every coastal memory comes flooding back.

You might not be able to smell the ocean through Instagram but @ClarkLittle’s Ocean Photography and Surfing Videos let’s you see the power of the ocean from a crazy cool perspective.

  1. A Real, Real Fresh (and Organic) Strawberry

Sadly, not every strawberry is created equal. Many times, we see these huge strawberries that may be pretty but are void of any flavor or scent. The jackpot is when you find a beautiful, farm fresh or field strawberry and that sweet aroma hits you. It’s one of those scents that is often mimicked in body sprays and soaps but nothing, nothing is more beautiful than finding that little red gem and breathing that delicious smell in. A big high five to nature for the strawberry scent, well done.

Although we like to be romantic about that yummy strawberry scent, science has a thing or two to tell us about why a strawberry smells like a strawberry.

  1. Lilac Bushes

We used to have a lilac bush in our front yard and it was a neighborhood fan favorite. Who wouldn’t want this beautiful scent sailing through on a breeze. The lilac scent is unmistakable and stirs in us the excitement of seeing another season blossom again.

Want to grow and tend your own lilac bush? Here are some lilac gardening tips we found.

So, did we miss any of your favourite scents created by nature? If so, let us know on Facebook - we love hearing from you and would love to know what your memory-inducing aromas you love!