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Eco Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Eco Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is rapidly approaching which means it's time to dress up!!

I personally find dressing up to be the best part of Halloween. It's one day where you get to be anything you want to be.

Well, I mean you could do that any day that you want you to... it's just the one day of the year where people won't look at you like a total weirdo. 

Tips for finding an eco friendly halloween costume from pelacase.com

Finding, making, and creating my costume in an ethical way is the most appealing part of the whole thing. 

I don't like buying cheaply made costumes that are meant to break after one wear. 

A. I don't think they look good and B. I don't like paying for trash.

We talked about eco-friendly halloween tips in the last blog post and when I touched on costumes I just talked about buying costumes meant to last. 

But, sometimes you really just want to be different things and there ways of achieving this in a totally cost efficient and eco-friendly way. 

Last year, I went as a fighter pilot for Halloween. Fighter pilots wear flight suits which are drab green. 

So, when I saw a drab green romper at a consignment shop for $12 I knew that was the first piece to my costume! 

I have relatives in the air force and asked them to send some of their flight suit patches which I stitched onto the romper. 

For $12 I had the perfect costume, that didn't require any new resources! 

So, here's my tip for costuming yourself in an ethical way this year: 

1. Head to the Thrift Store:

Got an idea for what you want to be? Then head to the thrift store with a list in hand, but be willing to let your vision ebb and flow.

See, if there are clever ways you can embellish pieces. Maybe you want to go as a librarian and need the perfect houndstooth skirt or a witch and looking for black flowy clothing. 

Try to find the majority of your costume secondhand. This year I'm going as a detective so I'm picking up a secondhand vest to go with my khaki pants, trench, and white button down shirt already in my closet. 

From there I just need to find a hat! However, the likely chance of me finding a Sherlock Holmes style cap secondhand is pretty low which is where these next tips come in handy. 

Tips for finding an eco friendly halloween costume from pelacase.com

2. Borrow and Swap:

Borrow it!! Ask a friend if you can borrow their X,Y, or Z. Most of the time they'll be more than happy to lend you something.

I also think it'd be a great idea to host a costume swap especially for kids! Get together a group to bring costumes worn the previous years and let your kid pick out their new awesome costume this year without spending a cent. 

3. Rent: 

Of course, if you're super committed to having the BEST costume, you should just rent a costume. There are online stores for renting costumes or check with your local theatre or theatre department to see if you can pay to rent a costume. 

You typically pay a pretty hefty deposit, but you get it back when you return the costume in good working order, and your costume will definitely be the envy of the whole party.