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Last Minute Eco Friendly Gifts!

Last Minute Eco Friendly Gifts!

We're getting pretty close to a VERY big holiday *cough, cough* Christmas *cough*. 

At this point, shipping is dicey. Will you be able to order in time to receive the shipments before the big day. 

last minute eco friendly gifts from

If you haven't made it, this typically results in choosing between late arriving eco-friendly gifts or wandering around the mall for a few hours where the ethical options are SLIM pickings. 

If you're a procrastinator, you're in luck because I've rounded up several last minute eco-friendly gifts and you don't even have to fight any crowds at the mall. 

1. Donate: 

This is one of my favorite gifts. Most people have all of the stuff they need. My parents are notoriously hard to buy for because they don't need anything and don't want any more clutter. 

One of my go-to gifts in recent years have been to donate to an organization particularly close to their hearts. 

If you know an eco warrior consider donating to Oceana,  Save the Waves or Surfrider. 

If you know someone who can't stand hunger or is a total foodie consider donating to the local food bank or Feed the Children.

If you know an animal lover consider donating to WWF. Last year I had so much fun picking out endangered animals for everyone in my family. My dad did not appreciate my joke of choosing the warthog for him. But, my mom loved that I donated for the black footed ferret

Last minute eco friendly gifts from

2. Give the gift of an experience: 

Why not give the best gift of all - the gift of time? Grab a card and plan an experience just for the two of you. 

These are what I like to call double gifts, cause you get a present and they get a present too! I love to give my friends the gift of a BBF couples massage. That's the best kind of present... ;) 

But, there are other experience gifts you can give too like going out to dinner, grabbing coffee, tickets to a movie, a concert, or even a sporting game. 

My husband and I buy tickets to something for each other every year. If you're looking for more experience gifts be sure to check out this guide that has 50 Experience gifts for everyone on your list ranging from $ to $$$$! 

3. Go for a consumable: 

Sometimes, you don't want to give an experience gift... especially for an acquaintance. I'm sure my mailman is a cool dude, but I can't really imagine us sitting down for a cup of coffee together. 

Instead, I really like to give consumable gifts. These gifts are always my fav to give and receive because they're around for a short period of time and they're gone... they're consumed. ;) 

These are some of my all time favs! 

  • coffee
  • loose leaf tea
  • fresh baked bread
  • fruit
  • olive oil
  • candles
  • wine
  • cookies
  • balsamic vinegar
  • vanilla extract
  • bath salts
  • lip balm
  • hot cocoa mix
  • homemade spice mixes

Many of these consumable gifts can be homemade to make them just that much more special!