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checking phone running in park

How To Carry Your Phone While Running

Most runners love the sense of freedom they get from being out on the open road. As such, any excess items, like a mobile phone, get in the way of a good runner’s high. Fortunately, it’s possible to figure out options for carrying your phone while running without ruining your Zen. Here are three tips, along with the pros and cons of each.

Pros and Cons: Options for Carrying Your Phone During a Run

Option 1. Carry Your Phone in Your Hand

checking phone running in park

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Let’s start with the cons of this one. While your beloved communication device and the cute phone case you bought to go with it may not weigh much, carrying it in your hand on a run isn’t the best option.

The weight of your phone can mess with your balance and, in the process, throw off your normal gait during your jog. Over time, this leads to strains on your shoulders, knees, and hips. Plus, the risk of dropping your phone increases as your hands sweat.

The pro of this method is that it works in a pinch. If you have nothing else, then by all means, use your hands. In this case, you’ll lessen the risk of dropping your phone if you invest in a phone grip holder.

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Option 2. Invest in a Running Belt

Running belts offer the average runner a lot of pros, starting with the fact that it keeps your hands free during a run. The average running belt also allows you to carry other essential items. Your keys, wallet and hair ties can find a home in your running belt. That’s a definite advantage.

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On the con side, there is an issue with some running belts becoming loose during a run. Blame this on the impact of your feet hitting the pavement. Such actions eventually loosen the grip on the clasp of a running belt.

Fortunately, this con is relatively easy to fix, even if it is somewhat annoying. Just tighten the belt every once in a while.

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Option 3. Stash It in Your Hydration Vest

If you run with a hydration vest, carrying your phone while running just got a lot easier. Just stash it in your vest. Usually, these vests have several pockets. This puts them in the pros category regarding finding a place to stash your phone on a run.

A hydration vest also offers easy access to your phone should you need it in a hurry. This is actually one of the reasons why people carry their phones in their hands while they run: They’re afraid of not having quick access to them in an emergency.

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Fortunately, the pockets on these vests are located in the front, which means that a phone stashed in the pocket of the vest is easy to access in a hurry.

The cons of this method revolve around how heavy the jacket could become with water bottles, phones and other items tucked in the jacket’s pockets. Condensation from your water bottle may also make the pockets wet, which isn’t the best thing for your phone in the long run.

In the former case, the jacket will become lighter as you drink the water. In the latter case, simple accessories, like iPhone 14 Plus cases, may provide some protection against condensation.


If you’re like most people, carrying your phone on a run is a necessary nuisance. You’ve probably come across some great solutions and some that were for the birds, frankly.

In all cases, your goal should be to find the best solution that works for you in the long term. Once you do, you can invest in the necessary equipment to make carrying your phone while running as hassle-free as possible.