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using phone in the snow

How to Keep Your Phone Warm During Winter

 using phone in the snow

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Apple specifications indicate that their iPhone’s operating ambient temperature must be somewhere between 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C). And many phone manufacturers suggest similar boundaries. Why? Because anything outside of this boundary could potentially damage your phone’s lithium-ion battery. Essentially, the lithium-ion battery experiences a chemical reaction that slows it down, potentially causing long-term damage. It can harm the LCD screen and make the glass a bit more fragile, which could cause it to shatter. At the very least, your phone will struggle to operate. 

So it goes without saying that in extreme conditions and the frigid winter months, it pays to protect your phone and keep it cozy and warm. Just like you would keep your extremities like your nose, toes and fingers nice and toasty to stay mobile, so must you keep your phone. But what are some of the best ways to do so? Here’s how to keep your phone warm during winter to prevent battery drain and more. 

Tuck Your Phone in a Coat Pocket

As simple as this solution is, it works! Tucking your phone inside an insulative coat pocket that rests close to your body will help it maintain optimal operating temperatures. 

Keeping your phone in a pocket with a hand warmer is also a great way to keep your phone warm during winter. However, one thing to be mindful of is to not let it get too hot, as this could cause your phone to overheat. Instead, keep your hand warmer on the lowest setting or give it some buffer room, separating it with a glove. Your phone case can also act as a divider, too. 

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Never Leave Your Phone Exposed to the Elements

This seems like a no-brainer but needs repeating: never leave your phone exposed to the cold. Sure, it’s okay to pull it out and use it, but your phone should never be left unattended for long periods in extreme temperatures. One common mistake is leaving a phone in a car console or glove box. In the right conditions, a car left in the garage or parking lot can reach below freezing temps, which can damage the lithium-ion batteries of many cell phones. If you plan on leaving your phone exposed to the elements in such a way, be sure to turn it off! 

Make the Most of Your Phone Accessories

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One way to keep your phone warm during winter is to tuck it away in your pocket. But what about when you need to take a call or check a chime? For that, we recommend using other phone accessories like a smartwatch or earbuds. With a smartwatch strapped around your wrist, where it stays warm against your body temperature or beneath a glove, you can check a message or your route quickly, keeping your phone protected and cozy in your coat. The same goes with earbuds. Leaving your phone in your coat, you can enable Bluetooth to hold a conversation as you venture out in the cold winter weather. 

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Give an Extra Protective Layer with a Phone Case

phone cases

There are countless reasons your phone should have a phone case. Protecting it from the cold winter weather is just one of them! With a phone case, your device will be wrapped in an extra insulative layer that not only protects it from the cold temps, but from snow, frost, ice and everything else that comes along with it.

Pela Case phone cases will do just that! With an iPhone 13 case – or any number of our Apple or Android cases – you can protect the environment and your phone, too! Each Pela Case phone case is made of flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer that offers an extra insulative layer. 

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And don’t forget to add an extra bit of protection with the Canopy Liquid Glass. Whether you need an iPhone 13 mini case or a Samsung phone case, our Canopy liquid screen protector will prevent your phone from getting scuffed up if you drop it. Learn how to take off a phone case and apply it at home before setting out for your winter adventures. 

Protect Your Phone From the Cold

Don’t worry if your phone begins to lag or completely shuts off in extremely cold temps! You can revive it! However, remember to take the time to slowly and gently warm it back up, using your body heat or a heat source. Thawing your phone slowly is extremely important. Otherwise, you could cause condensation and water damage to your phone’s internal mechanisms.  

Furthermore, allow your phone to return to a normal operating temperature before charging it. You don’t want to overload the battery all at once, or else you could damage it permanently.