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How to Promote Sustainability on Social Media

How to Promote Sustainability on Social Media

Promote Sustainability On Social Media


Sadly, the state of our environment is sadly direr than ever. While various organizations are finding solutions to curb climate change, we still have a responsibility to protect the environment. Although this may seem like a daunting task, you can still make a difference by promoting the importance of sustainability on social media.

The Importance of Sustainability and Social Media

More than a buzzword, sustainability is an important movement that encourages others to adopt more ethical and eco-friendly practices. Case in point: National Geographic points out that (mostly plastic) single-use straws eventually end up in our waterways, and are therefore having a harmful effect on marine life. Switching to reusable straws made from materials, such as metal, paper, and bamboo, can help mitigate the effects of climate change and decrease the amount of waste going into our waters.

Whether it's bringing reusable straws or other containers, or conserving your water consumption at home, these sustainable practices and the like will help reduce the impact of climate change. What's more is that you can help your family, friends, or even strangers online become more environmentally aware by advocating sustainability on your social media platforms.

Many of us live our lives through our phone and computer screens. In fact, the Pew Research Center reports that 42% of Canadians turn to social media as their main source of news. While social media is often associated with colorful photos and witty words, we can't ignore the fact that it has become a crucial component of our lives. This is why we should use this tool as part of the movement as it can help promote sustainability to a much wider audience. True enough, researchers have found that environmental awareness campaigns on sites like Twitter and Facebook resulted in increased environmental knowledge.

Promoting Sustainability on Social Media


If you're not sure where to start — or what content to curate — we've rounded the top tips and tricks to help you get started.

Connect With Your Audience

While leading a sustainable lifestyle is indeed important, it can be quite intimidating for some. So, veer from the standard practice of posting an artistic flat lay, and aim to share your own journey with sustainability to guide others, instead. As we've previously covered on our 'Zero Waste Cleaning | Recipes, DIYs, and Sustainable Swaps' post, there are many ways we can practice sustainable at home by cleaning with green alternatives. To this end, you can show your audience how to clean sustainably at home with a quick video tutorial. Alternatively, you can share daily stories on how you make your life more sustainable. The key here is to connect with others and let them know this is something they can achieve, too.


Spread the Word About Small and Sustainable Businesses


Small and sustainable businesses have a much smaller carbon footprint compared to big companies, thanks to relying on organic resources. And in this regard, it’s important to do your research first, and look into the different small businesses near you that can promote an overall sustainable lifestyle.

Moreover, it doesn’t always have to be metal straws and tote bags. Case in point, Beach Born is an all-natural, fair trade beauty brand that you can support — and goes perfectly well with your feed’s beach OOTDs and tropical seascapes. Alternatively, you can also educate your followers by asking them to see if a company's values are aligned with sustainability principles. A good example would be the French fashion platform Slo We Are that sells clothing brands that comply with environmental production practices and fair labor conditions. Overall, the goal is to show your audience that small and sustainable businesses are shopping options that you should definitely consider.

Boost the Voice of True Influencers


Last but not least, you can also promote sustainability to your audience by introducing them to those on the frontline of real environmental change, like scientists, activists, and people working on conservation projects. Despite their contributions, their voices often go unheard. Whether it's a series of photos of their work or an informative Twitter thread, amplifying their voices online will encourage your audience to help heal the environment. Sometimes, people want to help but aren't sure how to. By giving a platform to those who are making a positive influence on the environment you can help educate your own followers on how they can help.


This is a guest post from J.Broot

J.Broot is a digital marketing specialist with a fascination for how social media can be utilized for social and environmental good. When she’s not working, J. likes baking and running with her dog, Teddy.