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Plastic Free July

Pela Versus The Competition

Pela Versus The Competition

Pela versus the Competition

If you've been researching eco-friendly iPhone cases, then I'm sure you've stumbled upon the options listed below. We see how Pela stacks up against the competition in a completely non-biased perspective...well as much as humanly possible. After all we did create Pela to fill the gap in the market we thought was missing :) 
Recently, some of the bigger plastic phone case makers have taken notice of us and begun to make some more sustainable cases. We give our reviews in this new article.


Cork Phone Cases

Cork has long been synonymous with sustainable and eco-friendly products. It's loved in the accessory market for being cool looking and a great alternative to leathers.

What's Similar? 

  • Sustainable plastic alternative—cork  can be harvested multiple times without harming the tree
  • Unique texture, look and feel
  • Made with materials that are 100% biodegradable and compostable

What's Different?

  • Common cork cases on the market tend to use plastic either on the inside (hard cases) or around the edges—Pela is completely plastic free
  • Cork cases tend to be cheaper than our Pela Cases—although we're not sure how and where they are manufactured which could impact the price point
  • Cork cases can have designs on them but are generally all the same natural cork colour so if you want something in your favourite colour, Pela is the winner here

 Image from Bent + Bree

Wood/Bamboo Cases

While bamboo is technically considered a grass, bamboo cases are very similar to other wood cases—albeit, bamboo is probably more associated with being eco-friendly and sustainable although there are arguments against this notion.

What's Similar?

  • Plastic alternative
  • Wood itself is a biodegradable organic material
  • Durable and long lasting

What's Different

  • Wood cases, the ones that claim to be from high calibre and sustainable resources tend to be a higher price point than our Pela Case (and they LOOK more expensive too!)
  • The look and feel of these cases are not comparable, wood cases have a hand-crafted and artisan aesthetic with crisp clean lines where our Pela is more of a silicone soft case that's sleek and lightweight 
  • Wood cases usually have chemical finishes that make them stronger and more durable but also means they are not 100% compostable like our Flaxstic cases
  • Wood cases can crack or scratch on impact 

Plastic Impact Case

Wait, did this get in here? Yes we know it's not fair to compare apples to bananas here but an Impact Case can be comparable in many ways. Just hear us out!

What's Similar?

  • Cases come in a variety of colours 
  • Designed to protect phone against scuffs, scratches, drops and fumbles
  • Loved by parents of young children

What's Different

  • People buy impact cases who are looking to increase the longevity of their phone - this aligns with the "buy it once" mentality that is a very sustainable mindset
  • The problem however is that people tend to change their phone once every two years...that means plastic cases designed to protect phones will out live its necessity by thousands and thousands of years 
  • Impact cases are typically bulkier to Pela's sleek and smooth design
  • Parents love impact cases because they seem indestructible and child-proof while parents love Pela because they offer great protection without using materials that may contain harmful chemicals like BPA, lead and cadmium
  • An impact case is guaranteed not to break while you own it or they will replace the case for free...oh wait...we have the same guarantee :) 

Do Your Research

Look, we don't expect you to trust this blog to give you every detail you need to choose your phone case. It's a big decision because it's a big investment. We just hope you'll consider our case amongst some of the top cases out there because along with our mission to bring sustainable plastic alternatives to the mainstream, we know we can only do this if we have the trust of our customers to protect their phones. 

That's why we're keen on collecting feedback and reviews from our customers all over the world...and you can read them all here: PELA REVIEWS 


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