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Your November Eco Editorial

Your November Eco Editorial

Our Top Sustainable Picks for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for giving, sharing love, and letting the most important people in your life know how much you care. By choosing sustainable, eco-friendly gifts, you can share your love of the environment, and show your people just how dedicated you are to making the world a better place. As we round the corner into November, and begin planning for the upcoming holiday season, fill your gift-giving list with some of these incredible items from some of our favorite eco-friendly brands. 

We only feature brands we can get behind. In other words, you can rest assured that all of the pieces handpicked below will fit your shopping cart’s high standards. Because we wouldn’t have it any other way.


1. Lovett Sundries

Why You’ll Love Them | Handmade Products, Recyclable Packaging

Our Pick
 | Hand & Body Cream

About the Brand
 | A family-owned and operated business dedicated to doing things the old fashioned way, Lovett Sundries offers customers amazing bath, body, home, and kitchen products that feature natural ingredients and gentle formulas. Safe for the environment and gentle on even the most sensitive skin, Lovett Sundries’ Hand and Body Cream offers premium hydration that is perfect for gifting.


2. Filt

Why You’ll Love Them | Reusable, 100% Cotton

Our Pick | French Market Bag

About the Brand | Filt creates simple woven cotton produce bags that make trips to the grocery store a little greener. Compact, lightweight, washable, reusable, and super-strong, Filt’s French Market Bags are the perfect gift for a foodie that wants to live more sustainably. 


3. Pela Case

Why You’ll Love Us | Plastic Free, 1% For the Planet Member, B Corp Certified

Our Pick | Lavender Clear Case

About the Brand | Pela is a company dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, which is the inspiration behind Flaxstic, a proprietary and first-of-its-kind 100% compostable case made from plants. Rather than spending centuries in a landfill after being used, Pela cases can be tossed right in a compost bin where they will completely degrade, becoming nutrient-rich compost in a few short weeks.


4. Arbor Teas

Why You’ll Love Them | Organic, Fair Trade

Our Pick | Organic Masala Chai Black Tea

About the Brand | Agriculture has taken its toll on the planet, which is why it is more important than ever before to support sustainable initiatives. Arbor Teas sources tea from the most sustainable sources, ensuring that the people working to bring these teas to your table are paid fairly, allowing them to continue sustainably farming and producing these crops. Arbor Teas are delicious, organic, and packaged in compostable bags, making them the perfect gift for a tea lover this holiday season.


5. Wrappr

Why You’ll Love Them | Reducing Single-Use, Recycled Packaging

Our Pick | No Waste Gift Wrap

About the Brand | During the holiday season, we go through millions of rolls of wrapping paper, thousands of bags, and countless tags. Disposable wrapping might look pretty, but it gets thrown away and shipped off to a landfill after just a few moments of enjoyment, which is where Wrappr comes in. Instead of wrapping this holiday seasons’ gifts in disposable paper, try reusable no waste gift wrap that can be used time and time again for a beautiful, elegant solution to holiday gift-giving.


6. Habitat

Why You’ll Love Us | Cruelty-Free, Clean Ingredients

Our Pick | Zero Waste Deodorant

About the Brand | Many of the bath and beauty products found on store shelves today are full of chemicals, preservatives, and complex additives that are not only harsh on the environment but harsh on your body as well. Deodorant, which is put in the sensitive underarm area, often contains toxic ingredients that have been linked to major health concerns, creating demand for a better, healthier alternative. Habitat creates products like their deodorant that are made from natural, clean ingredients that won’t harm you or the planet. Toss one of these sticks in a stocking, and give your family the gift of clean.


7. Aurate

Why You’ll Love Them | 100% Recycled Gold, Sustainably Farmed Pearls

Our Pick | Flower Earrings

About the Brand | All that glitters isn’t gold, especially in the jewelry industry. Many large jewelry brands and companies working with precious metals have contributed enormously to global pollution, particularly marine pollution, since the mining industry dumps tons of waste into the oceans each year in pursuit of gold, diamonds, and more. Aurate is dedicated to creating beautiful, high-end jewelry that is also sustainable, and uses only recycled gold and ethically sourced precious stones and gems. A beautiful gift to receive this holiday season, the gift of jewelry from Aurate is made even sweeter by their dedication to the environment.



7. Stasher

Why You’ll Love Them | Reusable, Toxin Free

Our Pick | Sandwich Bag

About the Brand | Created by a parent fed up with disposable lunch bags, Stasher was founded with the mission of reducing kitchen waste with sustainable, reusable alternatives to single-use items. Items like the Stasher Sandwich Bag are made from premium, toxin-free silicone that can be cleaned and reused over and over again. Perfect for storing lunches without waste, this super practical item is the perfect gift for busy parents in your life.