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Plastic Free July

Your October Eco Editorial 🍂

Your October Eco Editorial 🍂

Our Top Sustainable Picks for Waste Reduction Week

Waste Reduction Week is a Canadian program working to promote environmental awareness and waste reduction through recycling education and encouraging new ideas for waste-free living. Each year, the anniversary of the creation of Waste Reduction Week is celebrated, and this year’s celebration will begin October 19th. 

The best way to celebrate Waste Reduction Week is by, well, reducing your waste, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite products that will help you eliminate single-use items, and become more conscientious of the materials you consume. 

We only feature brands we can get behind. In other words, you can rest assured that all of the pieces handpicked below will fit your shopping cart’s high standards. Because we wouldn’t have it any other way.


1. The Market Bags

Why You’ll Love Them | 1% to Sustainable Nourishment Program, Recycled Packaging

Our Pick
 | Migrate Produce Bag

About the Brand
 | Created with the simple goal of eliminating the need for single-use plastic bags, The Market Bags offers reusable alternatives to every kind of plastic bag you use at home. The Market Bags creates beautiful, reusable cloth bags using upcycled and recycled fabrics that feature stunning patterns and unique design features. Our pick is their produce bag, which is lightweight and sturdy with plenty of room for fruits, vegetables, dry goods, or whatever else you might need.


2. TruEarth

Why You’ll Love Them | Vegan, Paraben & Phosphate-Free

Our Pick | Eco Laundry Strips

About the Brand | TruEarth aims to make household products that are clean, natural, and safe for the whole family, including Mother Earth. TruEarth products are made free of toxic additives, so you won’t have to worry about adverse skin reactions, or dumping waste into the environment. Best of all, TruEarth works hard to create zero-waste solutions, which is why they create compostable packaging and products like their laundry strips, which dissolve completely in water.

Get Tru.Earth Laundry Detergent

3. Harlow Skin Co.

Why You’ll Love Them | Partnership with Hives for Humanity, Only Whole Ingredients

Our Pick | Earth First Candle - Fall Forever

About the Brand | The Harlow Skin Co. philosophy is all about simplicity, which is why their full range of products is designed to contain limited ingredients (less than 12, to be precise) and to include whole, natural ingredients that really do something rather than just acting as a filler. Harlow Skin Co. carries beautiful natural skincare, cosmetics, bath and home products, offering a high-end luxury experience without creating unnecessary waste.


4. Little Pine

Why You’ll Love Them | Repurposed Materials, Handmade Products

Our Pick | Climbing Rope Leash

About the Brand | Inspired by a love for the outdoors and a desire to preserve its beauty for many generations to come, Little Pine is an eco-friendly brand serving customers of both the two and four legged variety. Little Pine products are designed specifically for your canine companion and made from sustainably sourced materials that are both durable and non-toxic. Our pick is the Little Pine Climbing Rope Leash, a super-sturdy lead to keep your best-friend safe on walks that’s made from repurposed climbing rope and hardware.


5. Keep Cup

Why You’ll Love Them | Recycled Packaging, Solar Powered Offices & Rainwater Harvesting

Our Pick | Alder Glass Cup

About the Brand | Like plastic bags, plastic and plastic lined coffee cups are some of the most common items found in landfills. Keep Cup offers customers a sophisticated and eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups, making the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee both more enjoyable and more sustainable. Our pick for this month is the Keep Cup glass cup with alder lid, which features tempered glass and a natural  cork band for comfortable drinking.


6. Pela Case

Why You’ll Love Us | World’s First 100% Compostable Phone Case, Carbon Neutral

Our Pick | Hive Eco-Friendly Case

About the Brand | Pela’s proprietary compostable flaxstic is what has sent our company apart, and what has helped us to keep more than 600,000 pounds of petroleum based plastic from ever being created. Each case is carefully crafted for durability and aesthetics, with intricate designs carved into each of our cases. A Pela phone case can last as long as you need it to, providing durable support and keeping your phone safe until the day you are ready for a change. Once you find your next Pela Case, simply drop your old one in the compost where it will degrade entirely in a few short months. 


7. Ana Luisa

Why You’ll Love Us | Vegan & Cruelty Free

Our Pick | Carbon Neutral, Recycled Materials

About the Brand | Beautiful jewelry shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment, which is exactly what the creators of Ana Luisa set out to prove when they created the company and began selling stunning pieces of jewelry made from recycled materials. Ana Luisa pieces are classically simple while still making a statement, and are the perfect thing to wear everyday or to a special event. Our current obsession from Ana Luisa is these Cruz Huggie Hoops which feature beautiful gold plating and a shimmering cubic zirconia star.