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Various colored marble phone cases laying on a table

12 Stunning Marble Phone Cases That Are Trending in 2022

Various colored marble phone cases laying on a table

Marble phone cases are always on trend. Why? Because they’re the perfect mixture of classic and cool. Marble is known around the world as a luxurious material, but it doesn’t have to be reserved for mansions and fancy hotels. Instead, bring a little bit of elegance with you everywhere you go with a phone case that is uniquely you.

From earthy blues and greens to otherworldly golds and pinks, marble on a phone case can be subtle or sparkly. Skip ahead and check out the twelve cases below to see the variety of options available for all the most popular phone models. Or, read on and learn our top picks for marble cases that will take your phone from meh to marvelous.

First up, the best of the best when it comes to marble Android and iPhone cases that are colorful, classic black, trendy rose gold and simple and clear.

Our top picks for marble phone cases

From the most colorful to the most sleek, here are four of our favorite finds when it comes to marble phone covers for your device.

  1. Best colorful marble phone case: Pela Seashell Disco Case
  2. Best black marble phone case: Velvet Caviar Black Marble Case
  3. Best rose gold marble phone case: Pela Seashell Rose Gold
  4. Best clear marble phone case: STIISH Gold Marble Clear Phone Case


Pela Case

Pela Case


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12 best marble phone case options that are trending right now

Here they are, twelve of the trendiest, prettiest marble phone cases available today. From sleek black to sparkly gold, whatever your personality - there’s a marble-inspired phone case out there for you.

1. Velvet Caviar Black Marble Case

A hold handing a black and white phone case with a silver grip ring

Velvet Caviar are known for making high quality phone accessories and this black marble phone case is no exception. Drop-tested to eight feet, scratch resistant, anti-microbial and comes with a one year warranty - plus free returns. Just in case you change your mind about black and decide to go with a pink, green, gray or amber marble case instead.

Why we love this case: Velvet Caviar’s phone cases are known to be “pretty but protective,” so you can get durability and style all in the same case.

2. Pela Powder Blue Marble Phone Case

A blue marble phone case with gold swirls on a white background

Want one of the prettiest phone cases around? This blue marble phone case is reminiscent of the ocean and - even better - its purchase helps protect oceans. With an estimated 50-75 trillion tons of plastic currently in the ocean, you can rest assured knowing Pela’s cases will never end up in waterways as they’re fully compostable.

Why we love this case: Being beautiful doesn’t mean you have to skimp on sustainability. A portion of the sales from Pela’s phone cases goes to ocean preservation and cleanup.



3. TexturedTraveller Green, Grey, Gold Marble Case

A gold and smoky gray marble phone case

If green and gold are your thing then this case is for you. With a pretty ombre effect, this handmade phone case is elegant and earthy. Comes in a matte or glossy finish so you can either keep things subdued or turn up the glam.

Why we love this case: This case’s UV protection keeps it - and your phone - safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Burga Pumpkin Spice Case

A woman in a red shirt holding an orange marble phone case

All aboard the pumpkin spice love train! If you can’t get enough of the fall season - no matter what month it happens to be, then this pretty and colorful phone case is for you. Use it year-round or swap it in come autumn to match your cozy wardrobe and pumpkin spice lattes.

Why we love this case: Burga’s phone case designs come with the option for a Snap case or Tough case. Snap goes on with a click and protects your phone while remaining sleek. Tough offers dual-layer protection, without compromising on style.

5. Pela Jade Green Marble Phone Case

A green marble phone case on a black fabric background

Want a case that just so happens to help out the environment? This green marble phone case design not only looks like it came from nature, it will actually return to nature at the end of its life cycle - because it’s biodegradable!

Why we love this case: Just because it’s eco-friendly, doesn’t mean it isn’t tough. Pela’s cases have been drop tested to twenty feet.

6. Encased Gray and Pink Marble Loop Case

A gray and pink geometric phone case on a black background

Keep your phone firmly in your hand - and looking stylish too - with this gray and pink marble phone case. With the added pizazz of a geometric pattern, the marble effect takes on a whole new level of cool.

Why we love this case: This case comes with an HD tempered glass screen protector to keep your phone crack-free. But its soft and stretchy loop holder will likely stop you from even dropping it in the first place.



7. SO STONE Real Marble Phone Case

A woman wearing sunglasses and holding a white marble phone case

Yup, you read that right - this phone case by SO STONE is made of real white carrara marble. No marble-imitations here! Go full glam with this case, which is sturdy enough to go anywhere, yet luxurious enough to show off your good taste.

Why we love this case: Because no two pieces of marble are the same, no two phone cases are the same - giving you a case as unique as you are!

8. Casealy Luxury Holographic Marble Case

A hand holding one white marble case and one black

Want the marble look without breaking the bank? The Casealy Holographic Marble Case looks expensive, but is actually very affordable. Because feeling glamorous shouldn’t cost a fortune - and with this case you even get free shipping!

Why we love this case: Its soft, matte finish feels great in your hands and its anti-scratch coating will keep it - and your phone - looking great for a long time.

9. Pela Seashell Rose Gold Phone Case

A pink and gold phone case in front of a round mirror

Ever since rose gold hit the scene it’s been a perennial favorite. It’s pretty, it’s feminine and it gives off a trendy but understated vibe. Show up to your next function with this rose gold marble phone case, and all your friends will be asking you for style advice.

Why we love this case: You can compost it at home, as well as all of Pela’s other cases, using the electric composter Lomi or throw it in your green bin when you are done!


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


10. Caseco Gold Marble by Mandy

A hand holding a golden yellow marble phone case

Who says you can’t be a treehugger and want a little touch of sparkle in your life too. Made from environmentally responsible materials and delivered in zero-waste packaging, you can feel good about purchasing this gold marble case from Caseco.

Why we love this case: Canadian artist Mandy Beaune designed This case and comes in alternate colors blush, emerald, rouge and smokey.

11. STIISH Gold Marble Clear Phone Case

Clear phone case with slight gold veining

Want to combine two of the trendiest cell phone case styles into one? How about a clear marble phone case? You get the benefit of a clear case that still shows off your phone, with the added detail of subtle golden marble veining.

Why we love this case: It’s handmade by a small US-based business and shopping small is always a great choice.

12. Pela Seashell Disco Case

A and holding a colorful disco-inspired phone case

Like a bit of disco with your marble? This colorful marble phone case is très groovy. If you like roller skates, bell bottoms and big shades then the Seashell Disco case from Pela is calling your name.

Why we love this case: Even though there are other eco-friendly phone cases on the market, Pela cases are the only ones made out of Flaxstic® - which consists of compostable bioplastic and flax straw. 

Which marble case was your favorite? It’s hard to choose when there are so many beautiful options out there. Hopefully this list of the best of the best will help you narrow things down. If you need more help finding the best unique phone case for you, we have a lot more info on where to buy one.

If you’re searching for a marble case as a gift and haven’t quite found the right one, check out our list of cute phone cases for your friends who love to say “awww.” Plus, we have a sustainable gift guide for even more inspiration!

Written by: Larissa Swayze