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10 Cute Phone Cases You'll Want to Buy ASAP

30+ Cute Phone Cases of 2022 That You Don’t Want to Miss!

Three cute phone cases

We’ve come far with our phone cases in 2022. Just a few years ago, it may have been tough to find a case that looked cute AND kept your phone happily buzzing after a crash landing into the toilet. These days, the best phone case brands use advanced tech to guard your iPhone like its queen of the castle. All that’s left for you to decide: which case will make you feel like royalty everywhere you go?

Whether you're into minimalist design, cute animals or functional wallet cases, we guarantee that there's a beautiful case waiting for you on this list. Find one that fits your personal aesthetic while keeping your phone running smoothly for the long haul. Ready to get started? Check out these quick links to jump directly to the cases that you'd like to learn more about.

Not sure where to start? No problem! Read on to discover the top 4 cases we recommend for your specific needs.

Our top 4 recommendations for cute phone cases 

Three girls taking a selfie at a picnic

We've separated the top 4 cutest cases by category to help make your search even easier.

  1. Cutest animal phone case: Black cow case
  2. Cutest phone case for girls: Seashell monarch butterfly case
  3. Cutest clear phone case: Clear floral vines case
  4. Cutest wallet phone case: Honey (bee edition) wallet case

If one of these four cases doesn’t satisfy your personal taste, no worries! You can review our whole list, broken down by category, so that you can quickly find a case that matches your preferences.

7 cute phone case designs you’ll adore

Whether you love parading through groves of trees or across the dance floor, these cute phone cases will add to the rhythm of your natural aura. 

1. Black magical forest

Hand holding black magical forest pela case

Want to connect with nature throughout your day? This magical forest design from Pela Case will reign in all that natural plant energy while protecting your device from an unexpected drop. These retro mushrooms tote a funky flair for the bold of heart.  

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: You'll be helping to save all the real forest foliage out there since these cases are made from authentic, plant-based materials that you can toss into your Lomi electric composter once you're done using the case.

2. Abalone peach seashell

Shiny abalone peach seashell case sitting in sand

Are you a natural fish in the water when you go swimming? Or, do you practically live on the beach during the summer? This stunning peach seashell case was made to perfectly compliment your aqua-loving style.

Price: $39.99

Why we love this design: These pretty phone cases are made from 100% genuine beach seashells! So, even if your friend shows up with the same case on day one, yours will still be truly unique since no two shells are the same. Note: It ships from Hawaii so it may take a little extra time to get into your hands.

3. Seashell pink peaks

iPhone with pink seashell peaks cover from pela case

Don't worry, we see all you mountain lovers and this next one's for you! If you're really more of a snow bunny who loves to hike or snowboard, these pearly peaks will showcase your affinity for all those breath-taking mountain tops.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: Looking to give back to nature in a real way? These pretty peaks are 100% compostable so they won't pollute the earth. In fact, Pela Case phone covers are made with environmentally friendly plant materials that will break down in your garden.



4. Dirt road chic - western squares

Phone protection featuring western themed graphics

Who ever said that a cactus can't be cute? Reach inside and embrace your inner rancher with this collage of Western-inspired images. Featuring hats, boots, horseshoes and even some spicy (but sweet) desert snakes in its checkered design.

Price: $25

Why we love this design: You'll never have to worry about scratches on your iPhone with these hot desert prints protecting your device. These cute iPhone cases ship in biodegradable packaging and come with a quality polycarbonate backing that gives you full raised lip protection for your device.

5. Honey (bee edition)

Girl taking a selfie photo with cute honey bee eco cell phone case

We can't get enough of these tiny honeycombs! Show your appreciation for the bees with this dreamy soft, honey-yellow case. Whether you have an iPhone or Samsung device, this nature-inspired case will protect your device like it's queen bee of the hive.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: You can help protect our mighty pollinators with this bright and sunny case! How? This soft beautiful cover is created from plants-not plastic, which is why it's at the top of the list for best eco-friendly phone cases.



6. Core series funfetti

Funfetti themed otterbox iphone cases

Would you describe your style as extremely colorful? This funfetti case features the perfect design for anyone who has a mind of their own and refuses to color within the lines. Plus, it's from the Otterbox brand- so you know it will be super durable.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: We love that these beautiful iPhone cases are made with 50% recycled material. That's enough to keep the celebrations going!

7. Seashell disco

Colorful wavy disco design on iphone cover

Let's face it, disco will never go out of style. So, if you're looking for cute aesthetic phone cases, this seashell disco design will accent your retro-inspired lifestyle. Snap it around your iPhone and leave it as is -or- use it as a backdrop for your favorite 60’s or 70's-themed stickers.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: These cute phone cases are dance-floor worthy! They're soft and smooth to hold while you're grooving to your favorite tunes. Your steps will be lighter knowing that you're helping the planet with this case since it's made with ZERO plastic.


Pela Case

Pela Case


48,000+ 5 star reviews | The internet's most loved case

Protect your phone and the planet with the world's first compostable phone case. Pela Cases offer a serious drop protection without compromising on style. Over 857,205 people have switched to Pela. What are you waiting for?


9 cute phone cases for girls: hearts, glitter, flowers & more!

Cute phone cases are like tiny works of art that you can hold and show off to your friends. But it's so hard to pick just one! Don't know how to decide? Well, we had our pick of the litter and carefully selected the following nine just for you. 

8. Seashell monarch butterfly

Butterfly iphone case

If you want a little reminder of spring -no matter what season it is- add these sweet little butterflies to your device! They’ll blend in perfectly with all your close up pics of daisies and sunflowers.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: The artists at Pela Case designed this cover to look soft and delicate but it's secretly quite tough! Thanks to plant power, your new phone will easily survive daily drops with this 100% compostable mobile case.

9. Dough case - blue power puffer

Puffer dough case with blue heart design

Remember puffer jacket cases? Well, the Urban Sophistication brand now brings you that same super squishy protection with added designs in the mix. If you're not into love hearts, they also created puffer case dolphins, cinnamon rolls and mmmm, puffer chocolate bars!

Price: $78

Why we love this design: Not sure why but squishy things are plain adorable. Who doesn't want a plush heart to hold onto? Honest note: Although this is one of the top cute protective phone cases in this list, it costs the most money. Check out these cute lavender hearts cases for a slightly cheaper option.

10. Lavender blue reflections

Girl holding up cute lavender mobile cover for photo in grass

Are you an airy girl with big dreams? You won't have to return to earth anytime soon with this breezy pastel case. Keep your head in the clouds knowing that this cute case gives you the protection your new phone needs when it accidentally falls back to earth.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: You can expect this cute atmospheric case to be ultra protective for iPhones and Androids alike. If you ever decide to get a new protective cover for your device- don't throw this cutie away! Instead- toss it into a Lomi kitchen composter, where it will break down into nutrient rich fertilizer for your plants.

11. Aesthetic collage

Handheld representation of cute aesthetic phone cases

One-dimensional design is not for every girl. If you have a sharp eye for compilations, this aesthetically pleasing collage of images is artsy and fun! Or, if you're not sure how to make your other phone cases look cute, this protective case has plenty of style to go around.

Price: $22.45

Why we love this design: These cute iPhone cases are so so slim yet feature a collage of printed graphics that really pop!! Your iPhone will be protected with hard TPU plastic which means your screen won't get a scratch but it may be more slippery to hold.



12. Powder Blue Bubbles Case

Powder Blue Bubble Case

This one is a throwback but how can you resist those bubbly Powerpuff eyes?? Embrace your feminine power with the help of three girls who know how to use their personal strengths for the W.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: These cute iPhone cases are sure to turn heads at all the parties. Plus, they're powdery soft to hold so you can really feel that Powerpuff power in your hands.

13. Twinkle stardust

Twinkle stardust case in hand

Are you ready to fully embrace that inner sparkle? These twinkly covers come in a variety of colors that are high key gorgeous.

Price: $40

Why we love this design: These cute phone cases are made for a variety of devices so you don't need an iPhone to enjoy their glitzy glam pop. This cover comes with a lifetime warranty protection so it may be best if you aren't planning to change phones anytime soon.

14. Seashell little yellow flowers

Girl holding yellow flower mobile case in front of real yellow flowers

If you consider yourself a natural beauty, these aesthetically cute blooms will suit your earthy style. You may even find yourself suddenly calm as you reach for these lemon yellow buds in your bag. Yellow not your color? Check out more cute flower phone cases here.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: This cover is so delicate and natural while providing tough protection for your iPhone or Samsung. We recommend it for picnics, brunches, and park adventures.

15. Clear glitter holographic heart pattern

Cute iphone cases with holographic hearts

Looking for cheap cute phone cases? Your search is over with these holographic hearts! These cute iphone cases will absolutely dazzle your friends at school. Those rainbow holograms are just so hard to look away from!

Price: $9.99

Why we love this design: These cute clear phone cases change colors depending on how the light hits them. TPU plastic offers full protection for iPhones but you'll have to search for more clear phone cases if you own a Samsung or Google device.

16. Powder blue warped checkers

Mobile cell cover with blue checkerboard print

Over here we're saying, "Yes, please!" to every funky plaid or checkerboard printed design we see. These warped checkered Samsung or iPhone cases will add to that alternative skater girl vibe as you stroll or roll through the neighborhood with iphone in hand.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: These checkers were designed to break boundaries so rest assured knowing they're not just for iPhones. Your Google or Samsung device can get checkered too.

5 cute animal phone cases for animal lovers

With animal phone cases, you can rock classic leopard and cow prints knowing that no creatures were harmed in their construction. So go ahead and pick that bold cheetah print or a classic country western cow pattern.

17. Black cow

Black cow mobile cover displayed in a girl's hand

Cheetah, zebra and even snake prints are some of the most popular animal inspirations in fashion. But if you don't want to dress your iphone in the same cheetah prints that everyone else is flashing, it's time to switch over to the cows! Bonus: Pairs well with cowgirl hats and boots.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: We prefer rocking cute animal phone cases instead of using fur from the real ones. No cows are harmed in the making of these protective covers and you'll be doing the planet a favor since they're made without any plastic.

18. Cool cats - leopard, cheetah, tiger

Cheetahs and tigers featured on clear phone covering

Looking to sport some big cats? These sleek cheetahs and bold tigers will protect your iphone while camouflaging themselves in the bushes at the same time.

Price: $34.99

Why we love this design: These beautiful cats were designed in watercolor-like style by the cover artists. Unfortunately, these gorgeous beasts only offer protection for iPhones at this time.

19. Ocean turquoise (turtle edition)

Hand holding turquoise ocean turtle phone cover by brick wall

This sweet little turtle is here to ride through life with you, whatever wave you travel across. She's soft to the touch and uses her protective shell (made from plant-based flaxstic) to keep your smart device safe whenever an accidental drop happens.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: We're huge fans of how strong these protective mobile cases are while their turquoise color pop still gives your iPhone that fluid dreamy look.

20. Humpback whale plants

Line drawn humpback whale mobile protection

Can you believe how the radiance of these majestic sea creatures can be captured in simple line drawn form? Although these whales are massive in real life, these cases make it look like they were meant to ride across the back of your iPhone.

Price: $25.09

Why we love this design: We're obsessed with the tiny line drawn ocean kelp and coral details on these Samsung and iPhone cases.

21. Powder blue sharks

Cute sharks displayed on iphone case

We happen to think that sharks are adorable. Sure, they may have a lot of teeth, but it probably just means they have to see the dentist more often. Slap this protective cover on the back of your iPhone and feel confident no matter where you go.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: These cases are a great reminder to keep our oceans clean and free from plastic pollution so that these great sharks can thrive in their natural habitat. (They’re a key player in the ocean’s eco-system!)

5 cute clear phone cases to show off your phone

Show off your authentic style with clear cases that really stand out in a crowd. Check out these transparent cases featuring cute flowers, wild animals and throwback cartoons for a little retro pop in your life.

22. Clear floral vines with black ridge

Clear mobile protective cover with floral design

When you're torn between that natural look vs a bold case design, clear cases give you the best of both worlds. These floral vines add a touch of beauty to your new phone while allowing its natural color to shine through.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: The black ridge featured on this clear case makes it easier to grip and hold onto your iPhone as you carry it around from plant to plant.

23. Nebula

Hand holding colorful nebula cover

This bursting star will catch the attention of any passerbys. Plus, you have the option to snag an iridescent airpod case to match this gorgeous design.

Price: $30

Why we love this design: This may be the most stable nebula you'll find! It comes with a 1-year warranty and resists blunt damage from falls. It is scratch resistant but the delicate cover can still experience some light scratching over time.

24. Wiggle case

Phone cover with colorful pastel swirl design

Love that freshly spilled paint look? This cute wiggle cover will sparkle while protecting your iPhone from any falling drips of paint around the house. (But if it happens, it'll add to this case’s allure!)

Price: $31.99

Why we love this design: If you're looking for advanced protection for your mobile camera, these drip covers are made to withstand any outdoor photoshoot.

25. Clear waves

Clear wave phone protective case next to ocean

If you love the ocean, these waves will inspire you to head over to the beach whenever you find a spare moment. Its deep sea blues come to life with a splash of white spray bubbling up at the top.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this design: If you care about taking care of our beautiful seas, this case makes it one step easier. Each of these iPhone cases are made without ocean-polluting plastics, ensuring that these deep waters stay blue for years to come.

26. Pink metallic clear

Hand holding pink metallic clear iphone cover

Looking to add a little Hollywood glamor to your iPhone? This clear case accents the borderline of your phone with a metallic sheen that's hard to look away from.

Price: $22.00

Why we love this design: They look stunning while giving your iPhone protection from water, dirt, dust, and hard falls. However, they may be a little too bulky if you're looking for a thin case design.

5 cute wallet phone cases for extra convenience

A wallet attached to your mobile device makes it easier to walk out your front door without carrying a million things at once. Check out these 6 cases that are both adorable and functional.

27. Honey (bee edition) wallet

Honey yellow iPhone wallet case with bee design

Earlier, we mentioned that this honey case is one of the hottest eco-friendly cases on our list. Now, our favorite honey case transforms your iPhone into a sustainable card carrier that protects your device from everyday wear and tear.

Price: $69.95

Why we love this design: This cover is the ultimate triple threat! It'll protect your device, keep your credit cards safe and- it's a clean, waste-free accessory.

28. White opal wallet

Dark haired woman calling friend using pretty white opal covered iphone

Going out for the night? Skip the purse and grab this white opal case instead! Its natural shimmer makes your handheld device the perfect accessory to dance the night away with.

Price: $40

Why we love this design: The case features FirmFlex shock resistant materials that keeps you boogying all night long.

29. Terracotta wallet

Terracotta iphone protective wallet case

For the ultimate naturalist. This cute wallet phone case reminds us of warm New Mexican sunlight setting behind clay villas and desert cacti.

Price: $69.95

Why we love this design: This beautiful design is plastic-free and buttery smooth, making it easy to slip credit cards in and out from this mobile cover.

30. Horizon wallet

Colorful vegan leather mobile protection with built in wallet

If you prefer an incredibly snug fit for all your credit cards, this colorful vegan leather case will keep your most important cards safe and secure. Best for individuals who only carry 1-2 cards at a time.

Price: $21

Why we love this design: Vegan leather creates the perfect backdrop for a tight elastic strip to hold your cards and cash in one place. The leather does stretch with general wear and tare, meaning you may have to buy a replacement sooner than you might expect.

31. Laguna wallet

Laguna two in one mobile case and wallet

This one is similar to the Horizon wallet case mentioned above but it features a checkerboard pattern instead of colorful stripes. Don't worry, you won't be at a loss for color since it’s made up of blue, yellow and white color blocks.

Price: $18

Why we love this design: Similar to the Horizon, this wallet case is made from vegan leather, elastic and a micro-suede liner.

Where to buy cute phone cases

Woman smiling and shopping for a new iPhone cover

If you’re looking for a cute phone case, Pela has countless options for you! Plus, since each cover is designed with compostable materials, your next iPhone case won't wind up in a landfill. So what are you waiting for? Pela Case makes it easy to reduce your e-waste while you sport the latest and cutest phone cases.

We hope these suggestions help you on your search for the most adorable iPhone or Samsung covers out there. And hey, even if your down-to-earth aesthetic isn't compatible with your friend's obsession with pink sparkles, accept your differences and find a case that compliments your personal M.O.

Written by: Anna Buck