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Four phone cases with simple heart design

The Best Heart Phone Cases (of 2022) You'll Love to Adore

Four phone cases with simple heart design

Do you wear your heart on your phone case? This one goes out to you. There are so many ways to love and so many styles of heart phone cases to express your connection to this deep and powerful feeling. If Aphrodite is your jam or you’re a natural born Pisces, love hearts may be your soul icon.

Whether you need a heart case to add to your existing collection of cute phone cases or a compostable phone case to celebrate your adoration for this beautiful earth, the perfect cover is out there for you somewhere.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite heart cases from some of the best phone case brands on the market. We'll guide you on your quest with insider details on these crush-worthy mobile cases. Explore all the cuteness using the links below.

There's an easier way to save yourself from the heartbreak of picking a case that's all wrong for you. Simply, read the next section for the crème de la crème of trendy phone cases with hearts on top.

Our top heart phone case picks for everyone 

Pretty purple hearts iPhone cover

The best heart phone cases incite passion for years to come. At least, until the next iPhone model comes out and you have to stock up all over again. Until then, here are our favorite cases in this category.

  1. Most adorable heart phone case: Powder blue bubbles case
  2. Best clear heart phone case: Clear holographic hearts case
  3. Cutest pink heart phone case: Transparent pink heart case
  4. Pretty lavender hearts phone case: Purple hearts case

Yearning to see more heart phone cases? We searched through a wide collection of brown, green, clear, chrome and blue hearts to bring you the best of the best below.


Pela Case

Pela Case


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10 adorable heart phone cases that will make you happy

Get ready to fall head over heels in love with these adorable heart cases. Explore your top picks and decide which hearts fit your personal aesthetic the most.

1. Powder blue cute heart phone case

Bubbles iphone 13 pro max case

With hearts in her eyes, Bubbles radiates a naturally powerful glow. Although she's known to be one of the sweetest Powerpuff girls, we all know she's ready to burst with heroic passion at a villain's notice. Bam! Your search for the perfect heart case is over.

Why we love this case: Consider yourself a genuine superhero when you choose this cute cover to protect your device. This case is completely compostable so you'll be saving the planet when you shop this eco friendly phone case.

2. Rainbow hearts case

iPhone 13 rainbow heart case

If you're naturally loud and proud, this colorful love heart case is sure to turn heads. One glance and you'll fall out of this world and into the depths of a heart-shaped wonderland. If your case happens to fall with you, don't worry! It comes with 10ft drop protection.

Why we love this case: This cute case is certified carbon neutral and arrives at your doorstep with a one-year limited warranty.

3. Sad heart black contrast case

Girl holding pela iphone case in hand

If your love for hearts is complimented by your obsession with original art and design work, this black contrast case fuses all of these graphic elements together. Protect your iPhone with this moody celestial love gem that goes beyond time and space. The best part? These black and white beauties are 100% eco friendly phone cases.

Why we love this case: Once you're ready to toss out this case, send it to your compost to naturally biodegrade. If you don't own a home composting bin yet, why not start today? We recommend Lomi to break down your iPhone case with the push of a button (It works incredibly fast and people love Lomi!)

4. 3D love heart cover

Colorful 3D heart iPhone cases

Are you searching for a love that you can really feel? Hold on tightly to this 3D love heart case from Jelly Cases. Their worldwide shipping extends to the United Kingdom, Europe and even down to Australia.

Why we love this case: This 3D cover likes to show off when competing with similar technologies for functionality. It's waterproof, shock-resistant, and dirt-proof! We're just crying over the fact that it's not more environmentally friendly.



5. Red hearts phone case

Red and white iphone cover

Pair your sweet allure with stacks of hearts on hearts on hearts. As soon as you slip this case out of its original packaging, you'll experience that sudden electrical impulse of joy.

Why we love this case: We're big fans of all the independent artists who use RedBubble to create and sell their original artwork on everyday objects like iPhone covers. If you love one design, that artist's store will navigate you to other items with the same print.

6. Be cool pink hearts phone case

Be cool honey bunny iphone cover

A personal reminder to yourself and a reminder to everyone else that you have excellent taste in movies.

Why we love this case: Do you need a cute case for an older iPhone model? Whether you own an iPhone 13, 11 pro max, iphone xs max, or even-an iPhone 6, this quote will be remembered amongst movie-lovers for phone model generations to come.

7. Purple heart phone case

Layers of purple love hearts on phone cover

Want a case to compliment your funky retro aesthetic? It's all peace and love with generous layers of psychedelic purple hearts sending love your way.

Why we love this case: Hello Samsung users, we hear your FOMO loud and clear. Heartbreak is officially over since these cases are fit for iPhones, Samsungs, and Huaweis.

8. Cream black hearts case

Hand holding mobile cover with tiny love icons

If you want a unique heart pattern to decorate your mobile device with, look no further. This cream toned cover is adorned with the loveliest little pops of black hearts.

Why we love this case: We're fond of this case's 1-year warranty and that it's fully recyclable when you're finished with it. Choose from slim or tough matte and gloss.

9. Transparent neon pink heart cover

Girl holding large pink mobile cover

Do you have the biggest heart in your family? Show people how much you love to love with this bold and beautiful hot pink iPhone cover. It’ll be hard to look away from photos with your phone case’s big pink heart around the camera.

Why we love this case: We love how this case breaks the rectangular boundaries of our ios screen. Novel? Absolutely. Easy to fit into your pants' pockets? Mmm, not really. You may have better luck fitting one of these clear phone cases into your jeans.



10. Holographic hearts case

Pretty hologram hearts on mobile cover

We can't look away! Dazzle yourself over and over again as you repeatedly rotate these reflective holographic hearts back and forth near window light. We guarantee it'll add pops of pleasure to your day.

Why we love this case: Who needs to search for rainbows when you have holograms? These iridescent hearts splash rainbow colors all across the back of your phone.


There's a lot to love about these phone cases oozing with Valentine-fever. No matter what you end up choosing, we hope all these Samsung and iPhone covers inspire you to love yourself, love your people, and love your planet.

Want to know one of the best ways to love and care for our earth? Reduce your plastic waste and shop compostable phone covers from Pela Case. Every little bit counts to improve our planet and our surrounding environment.


Written by: Anna Buck