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How To Get Pixel Pals on Your iPhone 14 Pro

iphone home screen icons

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The Dynamic Island feature boosted by the iPhone 14 Pro and Max configurations was one of the most contentious points of discussion before launch. Now that users have had an opportunity to explore the possibilities afforded by the new display tech, the reception has been extremely positive. In addition to utilities like real-time news alerts, you can also install various enjoyable applications to make your spare time more satisfying.

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What are Pixel Pals?

One of the most popular apps for the iPhone’s Dynamic Island allows you to care for a digital pet known as a Pixel Pals. These pocket-sized pets invoke the Tamagotchi craze that swept through society in the early ’90s. 

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If this sounds like a similar iOS app you have heard of, it is worth noting that Pixel Pals was formerly known as Dynamic Zoo on the App Store. The functionality remains largely the same because your digital pet is accessible from the island view on your device. The Dynamic Island allows you to play with and customize your lovable little character.

What Do You Need To Get Pixel Pals?

To take full advantage of the app, you will need a powerful enough device and a compatible version of iOS. Pixel Pals is best enjoyed via Dynamic Island, which is currently only available with the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Your device also needs to be running iOS 16 or later for the installation to render successfully. Keep in mind that you may install the Pixel Pals app on the base iPhone 14 models, but you will need to manually open the app to access your pet as there is no Dynamic Island on the earlier hardware.

Do Pixel Pals Cost Money?

While the app itself is free to download, a subscription is required to access the full extent of the software. The free version allows you to care for either Rupert the dog or Hugo the cat to get you started. However, to raise multiple pets or unlock more than just the two base characters, you can purchase a monthly plan for $1.49 or opt-in for a full year’s subscription at $9.99.

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How To Pin Your Pixel Pals to the Dynamic Island?

The initial setup process takes just a few seconds. Open the app, and create an account to begin. Next, you must choose between Rupert the Dog or Hugo the cat if you are using the free version. Paid users can choose anyone from the list of digital pals. With your ideal pet selected, tap on Dynamic Island and choose Always Show Pixel Pals from the list of options. A new field will appear asking if you wish to enable live activities. Check this box to see your pet move about the Dynamic Island via a set of unique animations. Think of these as notifications that let you know when your pet is hungry, anxious or just wants to play.

Pixel Pals on Your Lock Screen

Should you prefer to house your Pixel Pals on the lock screen or do not have an iPhone with Dynamic Island, you can pin a widget in just a few seconds. Tap a space on the lock screen and select customize. Tap on Widgets and choose Pixel Pals. Alter the size and form to your liking before hitting apply to save your changes.

Do Not Forget Customization

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The variety of iPhone 14 Plus case designs that we offer for sale indicates that Apple users love to customize their mobile experience. In the same way you might purchase a new iPhone 14 Pro Max case from us at Pela to spice up your style, changing the look of your Pixel Pals on the Dynamic Island can help improve experience with your device. 

Fans of decorating and customization will be happy to learn that Pixel Pals has you covered. You can change the name of your pets, alter background images and edit widget info on the fly. The consistent rollout of updates breeds confidence that even more ways to personalize your characters.

Enjoy Your New Pixel Pals

Now that your new friend is firmly planted on your Dynamic Island, be sure to take some time to care for it. The more you engage with your digital pet, the happier it will become. The key to enjoying Pixel Pals is to keep your stable of pets happy, just as you would monitor the well-being of your furry friends in the real world.