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Galaxy S22 vs. iPhone 13 Which One Is Right for You.jpg

Galaxy S22 vs. iPhone 13: Which One Is Right for You?

Galaxy S22 vs. iPhone 13 Which One Is Right for You.jpg

If you’ve been trying to choose between the new Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13, we compare both models in this helpful post. You may be surprised and end up switching from what you’re used to. Read on to find out more.

General Comparisons

Before we dive into the differences between the S22 and iPhone 13, let’s look at some general comparisons between Samsung and Apple phones to help you decide.

  • Samsung For users who like to customize the look and feel of their operating system, many look for Samsung and other Android phones in general. Samsung phones use a built-in Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is more compatible with other smart home devices, whereas Siri is only compatible with other Apple devices. If you want all of your smart devices to be available across other brands and devices, a Samsung can offer you more versatility. If you want a phone that tailors to your preferences and needs, choose a Samsung phone.
  • iPhone For users looking for an intuitive interface, many first-time and loyal smartphone users flock to the ease of the iPhone OS. If you want a phone that’s easy to use, so easy that your Grandma — who wonders why there are no buttons on the phone — can use it, go for an iPhone. When it comes to phones that have historically kept their resale value over time, iPhones have consistently fared better than Samsung. According to Gazelle, the phone resale company, your old iPhone X with 64GB still in good condition can resell today for about $210. Compare that to attempting to sell back the Samsung Galaxy S9 with 64GB still in good condition, and you could resell it today for approximately $60.

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Phone comparison

Which Phone Is Better?

Looking for a simple and convenient day-to-day experience with your smartphone? You may just want to get an iPhone. If you want more freedom of choice and to be more hands-on, go for a Samsung. A Samsung allows for a wider range of choices for software features and hardware. While Androids are usually available at a less expensive price point compared to Apple, that isn’t always the case — especially with the latest S22 base model that comes in at the same price as the iPhone 13 base model. Because the new S22 and iPhone 13 both go toe-to-toe in terms of features, the old rule that the value of an iPhone holds better over time compared to a Samsung may not be true for much longer.


When customers choose Android phones, there’s the impression that you can get Android phones for much less than expensive iPhones. While that can be true for a wide array of devices that run on the Android operating system, that isn’t necessarily the case for Samsung phones — especially newer models that go head-to-head with competing iPhone models. Both base models, the S22 and iPhone 13, start at $799. Let’s see some basic specs that differentiate the two at the same price point.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 — Starting at $799, the S22 has a 128GB and 256GB storage model. Compared to the iPhone, upgrading from 128GB to 256GB only costs $50 more. If you’re looking for more storage on your phone at a less expensive cost, you may want to consider the S22.
  • iPhone 13 — Also starting at $799, the iPhone 13 no longer starts at 64GB. The base model for iPhone 13 starts at 128GB, and you can upgrade to 256GB and 512GB. The price increases to get from 128GB to 256GB and 512GB are quite hefty compared to the S22. The 256GB model begins at $899, while the 512GB starts at a whopping $1,099.
  • Which Phone Wins? — If a large amount of storage is something that’s important to you to have on your phone, and you want the most for your dollar, the S22 is the winner when we think about price and storage.

Overall Design

Choosing a phone based on aesthetics can be a lot like choosing a favorite cuisine. It’s all very subjective. While perhaps choosing the best phone for your everyday use should be based on functionality, we can’t ignore the fact that if we’re spending that much money on a phone, it ought to look good, too. Let’s look at how the iPhone 13 design compares to the S22.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S22 — Not a lot has changed in terms of design between the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S22. Like the S21, the S22 has a Contour Cut display. However, the S22 prides itself on sustainability. The S22 incorporates ocean-bound recycled plastics. Samsung has four color options, including Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Pink Gold. With the glass back of the S22, you’ll want a Samsung Galaxy S22 case to protect this phone.

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  • iPhone 13 — Similarly, the iPhone 12 is quite comparable to the design of the iPhone 13. iPhone 13 came with more colors from the get-go: black, white, blue, pink and red. You may have seen the latest ads for the iPhone 13, now available in alpine green. If those colors are still not your style, take a look at Pela’s wide selection of iPhone 13 cases.
  • Which Phone Wins? — If you’re looking for a phone that’s durable yet sustainable, you may want to consider the S22. However, don’t put Apple to the side just yet for sustainability. Their goal is for all of their products to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. Today, Apple’s sustainability in the iPhone lies on the inside. Apple now uses 100 percent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, 100 percent recycled tungsten in the Taptic Engine and 100 percent recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board and battery management unit. Both Samsung and Apple are looking at becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Both Samsung and Apple have designs that haven’t changed much either from previous models. In this case, we’d call a draw for just design.

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When you’re staring at your phone, you’ll want the best display, whether you’re watching a new show on Netflix or reading an email. In terms of both size and resolution, let’s see which display is better.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 — While both the S22 and iPhone 13 have Full HD OLED displays with full contrast and deep black screens, the S22 has a higher refresh rate of 120Hz, even for the base model.
  • iPhone 13 — The iPhone 13’s display trails behind the S22 because of the refresh rate. The iPhone 13 base model locks to 60Hz, while the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have 120Hz variable refresh rate displays. If you want to match the S22’s display performance, you’d need to upgrade to the Pro or Pro Max.
  • Which Phone Wins? — The color accuracy and adaptive refresh rate of the S22 are simply superior compared to the iPhone 13. The S22 is a winner here for display.


According to Apple, the iPhone 13 has their most advanced dual-camera system ever. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S22 triple Rear Camera and the Selfie Camera offer innovative tech, and you’ll be able to shoot stunning nighttime photos, thanks to the Nightography feature. As for everyday camera use, whether that means selfies or macro photography, which phone has the better camera for you?

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 — At first glance, it may appear that the S22 has a better camera than iPhone 13. After all, the S22 has three cameras. One is a 12MP shooter for ultra-wide shots. The second is a 10MP camera for telephoto pictures (think shooting far away objects like city skylines). The third is the 50-megapixel main camera for everything else.
  • iPhone 13 — The iPhone 13 only has two cameras, the wide and ultra-wide. Apple’s cameras are known for being consistently reliable, even though there’s one less camera compared to the S22. If you’re looking for time-tested reliability for your phone camera, you may want to choose an iPhone 13. 
  • Which Phone Wins? — If you want more camera versatility, opt for the S22 since there are three different cameras for you to choose from. If you care more about battery life and simplicity, opt for the iPhone 13. The winner here for time-tested reliability and predictability is the iPhone 13’s camera.

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Battery Life

Gone are the days of brick phones where the battery used to last days and you could drop it on the concrete and not worry about it cracking. Let’s see which phone’s battery life lasts longer.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 — While the S22 has a beautiful display and three high-tech cameras, these kinds of features take up battery life. Even turning off the adaptive refresh rate does little to improve battery life.
  • iPhone 13 — Different iPhone tests have shown that the iPhone 13’s battery lasts not only better compared to the S22, but has a better average battery life compared to other smartphones in general. The battery life of the iPhone 13 lasts two hours longer compared to the previous iPhone 12.
  • Which Phone Wins? — Tests for both phones have consistently shown that the iPhone 13 can last longer at about 10 and a half hours while the S22 barely lasted eight hours. If you want a phone with longer battery life, opt for the iPhone 13.

Which One Is Right for You

So, Which One Is Right for You?

Now that we’ve gone through comparing both phones, you have a choice to make. If you’re still not sure, we’ll help break it down for you.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 — Choose the S22 if storage and screen display is more important to you. If you want a stylus with your phone, consider the S22.
  • iPhone 13 — Choose the iPhone 13 for its simple camera and the overall easy-to-use interface that Apple is known for.
  • Which Phone Is the Overall Winner? — It’s a tough call, and it all comes down to which features matter more to you. If there’s a brand you’ve become loyal to and you don’t see the point in switching and having to learn a new interface, stick to the brand you know. If you’re looking to try something different, both phones are winners. No matter which you choose, both are great options for any person looking to upgrade their current phone.

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